Butte-Silver Bow’s $136 million budget is in good shape halfway through the fiscal year.

“We are right on target with our revenues and right where we ought to be on expenditures,” Budget Director Danette Gleason told commissioners Wednesday night.

The budget was approved in August but was made retroactive to July 1 of last year. It expires on June 30, so Gleason gives commissioners a mid-year review on how the spending plan is holding up.

The budget allows spending up to $135.7 million from all revenue sources. Of that, $25.7 million, or 19 percent, is funded through local property taxes, and $22.8 million, or 17 percent, is funded through user fees. Those include water and sewer bills and fees for such things as the landfill, storm water, and street maintenance.

The rest of the revenue comes from federal and state grants, entitlement payments, and debt financing. Entitlement payments are the city-county’s share of state-imposed taxes or fees for such things as vehicle registrations, video gaming revenue, and beer and liquor taxes. Butte-Silver Bow is getting $4.9 million in such payments this year.

At the mid-year point, Gleason said revenues were at 47.4 percent of projections. But it would be at more than 50 percent if the project to establish a new county shop complex west of town was further along. The state is paying for most of the $13 million project, but the county has only billed for less than 3 percent of that so far.

So far, revenues exceed expenditures by $11.7 million, according to Gleason’s report.

“Local government is not over-expending the revenue collections, and the cash flow is sufficient to cover expenditures,” it said.

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