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The Butte High School Senior Coronation dance will be held on Wednesday, November 22, from 7:30 to 11 p.m. at the Front Street Station.

Coronation royalty and their parents follow:

Girls: Martini Bercier, John and Staci Bercier; Joslyn Earles, Lynna Earles; Erin Fogarty, Bill and Colleene Fogarty; Keeley Mulcahy, Rocko Mulcahy and Patti Salmonsen; McKenzie Schneider, Dan and Melissa Schneider; and Katalena West, Ken West and Natalie West.

Boys: Cody Berge, Dave Lamberson and Shanda Berge; Eric Keenan, Jim and Laura Keenan; Robbie Leipheimer, Rob Leipheimer and Renate Leipheimer; Jackson Maloney, Steve and Celine Maloney; Carter Pribnow, Kerry Pribnow and Deann Pribnow and Craig and Julie Thomas; and Corbin Walker, Jean Scharchburg.


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