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Dr. Patrick McGree, a longtime family physician in Butte, pleaded not guilty in Helena district court Friday morning to multiple charges of alleged sexual assaults of female patients.

McGree is charged with two felony counts of sexual intercourse without consent, three counts of sexual servitude for allegedly using drugs for coercion, and two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault.

The case was moved to Helena district Judge Kathy Seeley's court after two local district judges recused themselves from the case.

Because McGree was summoned to court, no bail was set. Bail can only be set when a warrant is served to an accused person.

At Friday’s arraignment, Judge Seeley told McGree he could not to leave the state. However, his daughter is having a baby in March in Spokane, and McGree will probably be allowed to go there for that purpose, according to the court.

The trial is tentatively set for July 23 in Butte district court. The court expects many potential jurors to be called with jury selection most likely to start July 2. Some pre-trial hearings will most likely be held in Helena.

McGree has been a physician in Butte for 31 years, working from an office on South Clark Street in recent years and also practicing at the North American Indian Alliance clinic in Butte.

The allegations are made by three women, ages 37, 47, and 52, all of whom had received prescriptions from McGree for pain medication.

Investigators interviewed the three women on separate occasions over the past 13 months, one interview taking place this past November.

The 47-year-old woman said she had been seeing McGree as her doctor for years, with one of the sexual incidents dating back to April 2013. She said she had been on pain pills the past seven years for back pain and got Hydrocodone and Percocet from McGree every month.

She said she still went to him because "who else am I going to go to?" and could get any drugs she wanted "pretty much anytime she wanted," the document says.

During one incident, she said, McGree groped her and was saying things like, "Oh, so you need your prescription, so you need your other refill," the charging document says.

The 37-year-old said she had fallen and hurt herself and went to McGree, admitting she was a meth addict and requesting "Oxys." After sexual misconduct occurred, she said, McGree gave her a prescription for pain medication.

The other woman said she felt if she did not let McGree do what he did, she would not get her prescription.

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