When police officers arrived at the 1800 block of “C” Street, an unidentified citizen had already taken the initiative and detained an alleged hit-and-run driver using zip ties.

According to the take-charge citizen in a police report, Dylan Anderson, 25, of Butte, had nearly hit his vehicle near the corner of Maryland and Front, and just seconds later, hit the back of a car belonging to a female driver.

The citizen pursued Anderson, who was driving his car on three wheels because one had fallen off, the report said.

When Anderson reached “C” Street, he exited the car and began running, but fell.

Anderson tried to fight off the citizen, who caught up with him. After a bit of a scuffle, the citizen was able to zip tie Anderson.

When police officers arrived, they replaced the zip ties with handcuffs, and Anderson went off to jail.

He was charged with assault, DUI (refusal), failure to identify himself when involved in an accident, careless driving, and failure to notify authorities of an accident.

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