A bobcat has been slinking around the eastern edge of Uptown Butte.

Courtney Edwards and her fiancé, Brandon Loeffler, took cellphone videos of the spotted and striped cat walking quietly around the Moonlight Professional Building at 480 E. Park St. around 6 p.m. Sunday night. 

“I thought it was just a big cat and my fiancé said, ‘That definitely can’t be just a cat,’” Edwards said. “It wasn’t scared of us. We followed it around for like five minutes.”

It eventually walked down to the Butte Brewing Co., where there is a double set of doors in the back. The front doors were propped open and the bobcat walked right in, but the second set was closed so it walked right back out, Edwards said.

“Can you imagine if that bobcat had gotten in? There would been a bobcat in the Butte Brewing Co.,” she said.

They weren’t the only ones who saw it.

The Moonlight building is home to Water & Environmental Technologies and several people saw the cat walking around there and the Butte Brewing Co. Sunday evening, said Josh Vincent, partner, principal and director of business development for W.E.T.

He said he hadn’t seen the bobcat return to the area Monday morning, but he did point out some of its tracks that showed him moving across Park Street, around the side of the building and through the parking lot.

Shane Yaskus, a game warden with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, said bobcats are actually prevalent around the Butte area but are rarely seen by people.

“I’m sure that’s by their choice,” he said.

They rarely pose a risk to people, he said, “But they do pose a threat to chickens and small animals.”

Bobcats are nocturnal, doing most of their hunting at night, and they are found in southern Canada and most areas of the contiguous United States. They are about twice the size of a house cat and have black-tipped tails that appear to be cut, or “bobbed.”

Edwards said they last saw the bobcat walking toward the Maroon Activities Center. She posted one of the videos on her Facebook page, she said, and it “went viral.”

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