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Butte public school district Administration Building, 111 N. Montana St.

On Monday night, the Butte School District No. 1 Board of Trustees approved a resolution that determined how the public school district would make up the days it missed due to heavy snow in late February. 

According to business affairs director Dennis Clague, who presented the resolution to the board, Montana statute allows a board of trustees to close school for one day a year due to an unforeseen emergency without having to make it up. Clague said this meant the school district only had to decide how to make up two of the three snow days it took the last week of February. 

Those two make-up days will be April 23 and June 7, shortening spring break by one day and extending the school year by another. 

After a motion to approve the resolution was moved and seconded by the board, Chairperson Ann Boston asked if trustees had any questions. There were none, but Superintendent Judy Jonart made a comment about the how the district’s payroll became “significantly complex” because of these make-up days. 

“Lots and lots of work had to be done and I just want everyone to know that everything is going to run smoothly and everyone will be paid on time,” Jonart said. 

In correlation with the resolution approval, the Board of Trustees was also asked to approve an amendment to the February personnel action report. The amendment extended the retirement day for employees who confirmed recently that they won’t be returning to the school district in the fall to June 10. 

Both the make-up day resolution and the personnel action report amendment passed unanimously. 

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