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burned kitty
Blodgett, a 7-year-old male cat, showed up at the Butte animal shelter with severe burns. Shelter employees aren’t sure how he was burned, but he is being treated. Money is needed to pay for his medical bills.

A cat with a burned face and paws rescued by the Butte animal shelter needs help to survive.

Shelter employees found Blodgett, a gray and white 7-year-old male, on April 13 near the facility at 699 Centennial Ave.

"We went outside and saw a cat that just didn't look right," said shelter director Erin Wall. "He looked at me, and I don't really know how to say this, but it looked like his face was melted off."

The cat limped away and hid under a concrete slab. A can of tuna Wall set out had been eaten by the next morning. Later, with the help of an employee, she captured the cat.

It was then that she saw how badly it was injured.

His fur was a "melted" yellow hue, with eyes nearly melted shut and a nose ready to fall off. She said all four paws smelled horribly and "looked like they were put through a meat-grinder."

It is unknown what caused the burns. Wall initially thought it might have been caught in a house fire, but she has no confirmation. She said it could have been either accidental or intentional.

She rushed the cat to the Amherst Animal Hospital and asked

veterinarian Ed Peretti if it could be saved.

"I told him try to save it if he could, if it wouldn't be inhumane," said Wall. "I didn't want that pain to be the last thing that cat knows or feels."

So he did, bandaging the wounds, inserting a pain drip and vitamins to re-grow healthy tissue. The cat has responded well, according to Wall.

"He's looking so much better now. He's healing up." she said. "And if he's willing to fight, so am I."

But the care for the cat has been expensive, about $100 per day, and Wall said they are looking for donations to help pay the medical bill.

Those wanting to contribute are asked to send donations to Albert's Angel Fund, Attn: Erin Wall, 699 Centennial Ave., Butte 59701.

Reporter Tim Trainor may be reached via e-mail at or call 496-5519.

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