Anaconda School District No. 10's new logo

The logo Anaconda school board trustees adopted for the district at the May meeting last week. 

At the Anaconda School District No. 10 Board of Trustees meeting last week, a new copperhead logo was adopted for the public school district.

Similar to the current logo, the new design features a large, silver “A” with a navy blue and silver copperhead snake wrapped around it.

According to Justin Barnes, superintendent of Anaconda public schools, talk of creating a universal, trademarked logo for the district began when he first took on the superintendent position last year.

About two months ago, Barnes said he and the school board started working with Blast Creative, a Butte graphic design company, to make the new logo a reality. After the company and the school district exchanged logo ideas back and forth about six or seven times, Barnes said the school board unanimously agreed to accept the new silver and navy design.

The adoption of this new logo, which Barnes said the district is in the process of trademarking as of Monday, will help the district develop a stronger brand identity. Barnes said right now there are a few different versions of the “A” with the copperhead design floating around, including some with different shades of blue, some where the snake looks like a cobra and others where it looks more like a rattlesnake.

“We want to have one clean, copperhead logo we can put on everything and use to flood the community with school pride,” Barnes said.

That flood is set to flow on Tuesday night at the district’s family night, which will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Anaconda High School, and will showcase the work of students at all grade levels. Over 300 T-shirts with the new logo and made with the district’s new T-shirt press will be handed out at the BBQ-style event, Barnes said.

“We usually get a lot of involvement with our younger students at their engagement nights, but we wanted to throw something where they can see what they have to look forward to,” Barnes said. “We’re really excited for it.”

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