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Medical malpractice: One alleged victim's struggle for justice

A former Butte woman is suing a Butte psychiatrist for allegedly leaving her with a lifelong injury. Because the doctor was sued in Illinois in the 1990s for allegedly brainwashing women to believe they were high priestesses in a satanic cult and eating people, his former Butte patient is al…

'Riot' of miner's wives led to protection for officials, which Butte lawsuit may overturn

If a former Butte woman wins her case against the Montana Board of Medical Examiners, she may reverse a judicial rule that was established when miners’ wives rioted against the Anaconda Company 73 years ago.

Medical board sued for licensing psychiatrist with troubled past

Former Butte resident Ciara Rehbein alleges in a lawsuit against the Montana Board of Medical Examiners that the board knew or should have known about the allegations in Dr. Bennett Braun’s past.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Denizens: For over 40 years, Butte local has created art with antlers

In a garage behind a yellow house on Cobban Street, Bill Peterson showed off his antlers. 

Denizens: Butte beekeeper brings education, honey to the local community

Ruth Jones and her family grew up close to nature. This upbringing drew her to admire most animals and insects, so she said it wasn't hard for her to fall in love with honey bees.

Denizens: 2 Butte men are on a quest to see metal music thrive in the Mining City

Simply put, Shawn Hoskins and Adrian Monahan are metalheads. The long-haired duo has been playing “groove metal with a splash of thrash” on and off together for at least five years, but have loved the heavy music genre since they were kids. 

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