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When government fails, indigenous women take their search for missing loved ones online

The relative silence over the disappearance of two Native American women was Deborah Maytubee-Shipman’s call to action.

Families, investigators struggle to track down missing Native women

Native American women and children go missing at an alarming rate in Montana, and their families and investigators can spend years searching for them, sometimes to no avail. 

Missing since 1981: Diane Medicine Horse

There has never been a day Diane Lynn Medicine Horse's children didn't think of her, her daughter Natasha Rondeau said. She is in their hearts, but she hasn't been seen alive since Sept. 28, 1981.


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Home explosion: 30 years later, Billings man still looking for closure around father's death

On their last night together, Kim Sutton showed his son how to use a handsaw. Travis, 12 years old at the time, had a school assignment to show a tree's annual rings. While Travis struggled to cut through the piece of wood, his dad made quick work of it in just a few swift thrusts of the saw.  

Denizens: Meet Mr. Hot Dog himself, a one-man Butte restaurant owner and operator

What does an Italian restaurant owner do when he retires? Open up a gourmet hot dog joint, of course.

Butte priest caught in I-90 avalanche: 'It was as if the whole mountain was falling'

On Wednesday afternoon, Father Patrick Beretta was driving west with his two English mastiffs on his way Washington's San Juan Islands when something very strange — alarming — started happening. 

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