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In Billings' battle against sex trafficking, advocates look to massage parlor landlords for help

Though Montana passed two new laws cracking down on massage parlors and other forms of sex trafficking in 2019, some are calling for a broader approach to fighting the crime, turning their attention to the businesses' landlords.

Coroner's inquests quick to clear police following fatal shootings

In Montana, law enforcement officers have shot and killed at least 39 people since January 2012, according to a Gazette review of public records and past news reports.

Designed to hold cops accountable in shootings, coroner's inquests aren't always objective, critics say

Along with a handful of states that still hold coroners’ inquests, Montana’s legal system for reviewing deaths caused by law enforcement is seen by advocates as a more transparent alternative to the secret grand juries and other proceedings held elsewhere in the country.


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4-year-old boy battling cancer lives out dream, becomes honorary Butte police officer, firefighter

A new Butte police officer and a new Butte firefighter were sworn in by Judge Robert Whelan on Wednesday afternoon.

The 'last second mile' of Silver Bow Creek: What's in store for cleanup

With recent indications that bugs and fish are exposed to 39,700 parts per billion of copper plus lead, arsenic, cadmium, and zinc beyond federal benchmarks in the “last second mile” of Silver Bow Creek, some say it deserves more attention.

Mining City History: Ramsay was a true company town

Although Anaconda has some elements of a company town, the ultimate company town in southwest Montana has to be Ramsay.

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