Pass prices for those using groomed winter trails has climbed this year, including for bike riders.

Snowmobilers and other groomed trail users in Montana will see changes to trail passes for the 2019-20 riding season.

Last spring the 2019 Montana Legislature passed HB 355 which adjusted fees on the Montana Snowmobile Trail Pass and Nonresident Snowmobile Temporary Use Permit and designated a new Nonresident Groomed Trail Pass.

Montana residents will now pay $20 for the Snowmobile Trail Pass, which is valid for two seasons (July 1 through June 30). This pass is required for riding snowmobiles, converted snow bikes, fat tire bikes and e-bikes on groomed snowmobile trails.

Out-of-state visitors riding snowmobiles or snow bikes are required to purchase a Nonresident Temporary Use Permit for $35, up from $25 last year. Nonresident fat tire bike and e-bike users must purchase the Nonresident Groomed Trail Pass to ride on groomed trails in Montana. This new trail pass is $35 and is valid for two seasons (July 1 through June 30).

Revenue generated by the three trail passes goes to the Snowmobile Program to be used for trail grooming as well as the purchase and maintenance of grooming equipment. Snowmobile trial grooming in Montana is carried out by members and volunteers associated with local snowmobile clubs in Montana communities.

“Every year, the cost of snowmobile trail grooming and grooming equipment increases,” said Seth McArthur, Snowmobile Program manager. “The new permit fees will help Montana’s 25 Snowmobile Clubs meet the rising cost of grooming the 4,000 miles of designated snowmobile trails in Montana”

In addition to trail grooming and maintenance, $.50 from each Nonresident Temporary Use Permit goes to support search and rescue efforts across Montana.

The passes may be purchased from local vendors or online at https://app.mt.gov/als/index/index.html.

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