If you have ever wanted to know what it was like to homestead in Montana, a modest, 119-year-old cabin north of Ramsay will give you an authentic experience.

Located in the Flint Creek Ranch subdivision, 3144 Iris Ridge Road is the real deal.

Built in 1900, the cabin was once home to a man who had homesteaded in the area, said Loren Baker, owner of Whisper Creek Realty and listing agent, adding that the man road an hour by horseback each day to work in the mines of Butte.

3144 Iris Ridge Road is rustic—really rustic.

With an antique claw foot tub, cement flooring with a distressed finish, authentic log-cabin walls and a gas stove just like grandma used to use, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom cabin isn’t for the faint of heart. However, the homeowners have put a lot of work into the property, adding tasteful details that don’t take away from the cabin’s charm.

“She fixed it up and it’s pretty cool,” said Baker, of Robin Norton, who currently owns the home with her husband Michael.

The kitchen, for instance, pairs an antique porcelain sink with a small breakfast bar made from a single piece of timber with a glossy finish, keeping up with contemporary tastes. The furnishings and décor, meanwhile, have been thoughtfully curated, adding just the right amount of charm and whimsy without being overly precious.

With a listing price of $254,000, the 1,152-square-foot cabin sits on 21 acres, has a new addition and comes fully furnished.

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