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Buying Guide: This screen magnifier is great for people who watch movies on their phones
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Buying Guide: This screen magnifier is great for people who watch movies on their phones

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Smartphones can do almost anything, from give us directions and help us answer emails to stream our favorite movies. But watching a movie on a small phone screen can lead to eye strain and neck pain. That’s where this genius screen magnifier comes in.

How It Works

This 12-inch screen magnifier comes with a wooden roll-out phone stand. To watch, simply prop the phone up on the stand, place the screen in the screen holder, and start streaming. When the magnifier isn’t in use, it can be unrolled and into a lightweight portable object no bigger than a notebook.

Perfect for Big Households

If you can never seem to agree about what to put on the TV, this screen magnifier is a must. Whether you’re letting your teenager escape to their bedroom to stream their favorite Netflix shows or keeping young children entertained with kid-friendly shows while you handle household chores, this magnifier allows everyone in the house to watch what they want.

Why Customers Love It

Frequent travelers loved this screen magnifier since it allowed them to watch their favorite movies and shows from the hotel room when they didn’t want to lug a heavier laptop on their trips. Amazon reviewers also mentioned that this screen magnifier made the perfect gift for college students who had no room for a TV in the dorm.

12” Screen Magnifier for Smartphone available from Amazon


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