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Insights: We are valued by God

Insights: We are valued by God

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We are highly valued by God. And not because of our new car, new shoes, money, fame, power, earthly success, good looks, or youthful longevity. But because we are persons made in His Image & Likeness. This is the definition of who we are. We are not defined by our personal preferences. That would be silly. Imagine a clay pot telling The Potter, “I feel like I am a hammer”. The Potter would laugh because He knows what the pot was made for. Self-definitions fade in time and into eternity. To hang on to a self-definition would be like hanging onto a weak crutch that does not support us into eternity.

And we are made to Heal. So, when sin comes and infects us, and twists or breaks us, our good Father who is in heaven provides a hospital for His children called “The Orthodox Christian Church”. A place where we can be healed and made well with neither penalty nor fear. A place where the twisted can be made straight, the broken mended, the infected be made well so we can get back to being Good and continue to mature on to Supra Good. A place where, in the context of worship, God reveals Himself and who & how we ought to be in light of that revelation for our own health and well-being into eternity.

We are God’s handy work, and He likes what he has made. And He made mankind and it was GOOD. God values us. And we are designed with the capacity to go from Good to Supra Good. To be in Union, to be One with God in the community of the Holy Trinity and with one-another. To become more than we currently are by way of the God-Man Jesus.

So, one cannot say “I’m OK the way I am”. Stagnant, complacent, self-deception, a fools self-justified fantasy between the ears.

Just as children are conceived and good, but designed to mature and become more, so, in similar fashion, we are children of God.

Thank God !

Father Russell Radoicich serves Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Church. Insights is written by members of the Butte Ministerial Association.


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