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Both of my kids are in their mid 20s, married and starting their families (which makes this dad happy — grandpa time!). One family in Indiana and one in Colorado, both moving back to Montana.

Guess who drew the short straw and gets to drive the moving truck back from Indiana. Yup — that would be Dad.

As I trekked my way across seven states and 1,800 miles in late September, I enjoyed the beginnings of fall. The farther north I drove, the more the colors were changing. I experienced every type of terrain available. Miles of cornfields, rolling hills covered in hardwood trees, lakes and rivers, flatlands, badlands, big cities and small towns, and freshly snowcapped mountains. As I drove mile after mile, the scenery was always different — no two places were the same. Each state had its own beauty (the snowcapped mountains of Montana are my favorite!).

In the midst of the roar of the rental truck, Jesus and I had some quality time to interact. It always amazes me the creativity and majesty of what God created so many years ago. 1,800 miles, and no two square inches are the same — wow! A planet called Earth and galaxies far beyond what our technologically advanced world can see, and no two square inches are the same. We serve a powerful God!

In the beginning, God created...and it was good (Genesis 1).

As I contemplated the vastness and powerfulness of God through his creation, I realized that I am a part of that creation as well. God created mankind in his image. God created mankind to have relationship with him. That relationship was broken through sin. God sent Jesus to restore that broken relationship because God cares about us that much. This all-powerful God that simply spoke and the world came into order loves me and loves you unconditionally. I encourage you today to take a look around you and see God’s amazingness and realize that he created you for relationship with him. Reach out to him today, and he will meet you where you are.

Enjoy the fall, folks — winter is coming!

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Pastor Randy Lindgren serves Journey Church in Butte. Insights is written by members of the Butte Ministerial Association.


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