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Are you as amazed as I am by the plethora of travel mugs available these days? They range from 6 to 64 ounces, super insulated to super chic, wide mouth to straw only, and did I mention colors and cost? Your water bottle can even reflect your social status! What does it say about a culture that values such portable devices?

Besides our penchant for coffee and hydration, I think it speaks of our highly mobile and fast-paced culture. We find ourselves often in the "in between" of destinations. Drive-through restaurants bank on it, and we defer to life on "the go."

Advent also is a church season of the "in betweens." Simply put, the season is about preparing for the arrival of Christ the King. In so doing, we look back at His first arrival in the manger while looking forward to His promised future arrival in the Second Coming. It very much has a sense of beginning a journey while still not quite completing it. That, however, is life! Who stops working on a marriage, raising children, making meals, or completing home improvements? Why would our life with Jesus be any different?

In fact, Jesus is not just the God of the beginning and the end, He is the Savior of the "in betweens." Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus meets us in the incomplete moments of life as He longs to bring His goodness into our circumstances and bless others through our responses. In so many ways, Jesus is the travel mug that brings sustenance as we journey through life. But don’t get me wrong, He is more than an accessory to our activities. No, Jesus is Lord of creation and is seeking to be Lord of our lives. Will we drink deeply from the One who offers us Living Water? (John 4:10) The reign of the King is achieved when we live life through the guidance of His love and truth. In our determination to move from one place to another, may we be blessed by the leading of the King.

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The Rev. Brian Miller serves Christ Church Anglican. Insights is written by members of the Butte Ministerial Association.


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