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A pioneering spirit: Remembering Montana native and renowned author Patricia Nell Warren

The Godmother of LGBT sports. A literary legend. A pioneering spirit. Read more

Mining City History: Floods of 1908, Part II

June 4, 1908, was a Thursday, and the devastation really began to impact Butte. The dam at White’s Ice Pond (Alcova Reservoir, where the Bu… Read more

Puzzling Uptown propeller explained...sort of

There was a phone call to a Chinese restaurant in Valley City, North Dakota, and another to Granny’s Country Store in the tiny Madison Coun… Read more

Rocky Mountain Clinic nurses vote to form union; ruling awaited on second clinic bargaining unit

Twelve registered nurses at St. James Rocky Mountain Clinic voted unanimously Thursday to form a union, according to Robin Haux, labor prog… Read more

Rolling the dice: Lawmaker cites Butte Country Club bust as reason to legalize dice game

A bust at the Butte Country Club in November has prompted a Butte lawmaker to push legislation that would allow people to play the dice gam… Read more

Over 170 jackets donated to Anaconda youth in need

Smelter City youth in need of winter weather gear will be a little bit warmer thanks to the donation of over 170 jackets to students in the… Read more

Butte priest caught in I-90 avalanche: 'It was as if the whole mountain was falling'

On Wednesday afternoon, Father Patrick Beretta was driving west with his two English mastiffs on his way Washington's San Juan Islands when… Read more

The Public's Health: Sleep more, weigh less

Sleep more. Weigh less. Read more

Friendship magic: Butte High Art Club gets ready for April trek to Seattle

At a ceramics wheel in a corner of the Butte High art room, an 18-year-old boy worked to transform a hunk of brown clay into a bowl. Other … Read more

Mining City History: Floods of 1908, Part I

Butte was booming in 1908. For all practical purposes, the War of the Copper Kings was over, even though the Anaconda Company would not com… Read more

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