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Most loved this week

Claims denied: Agency rejects lunch back pay for B-SB water workers

A state agency has rejected claims by 16 Butte-Silver Bow Water Division employees who say they wer…

Lasting legacy: $60K donated to Charley Judd Park in Butte

A son of Charley Judd has donated $60,000 to the park in Butte named after his father, who ran Char…

Love Trumps hate

Love Trumps hate

Denizens: 2 Butte men are on a quest to see metal music thrive in the Mining City

Simply put, Shawn Hoskins and Adrian Monahan are metalheads. The long-haired duo has been playing “…

The largest solar project in Montana could be coming to Dillon

A proposed solar development north of Dillon could bring an estimated $19 million in taxes over 35 …

Guest view: Legislature, do the right thing and pay for preschool

As a parent of two preschool age children and a school psychologist within the public school system…


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