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Lovage: the herb that tugs at your heartstrings

When I told my wife I was off to go get some lovage, she gave me that look. After all, levisticum officinale is a close relative of three o… Read more

Keep it simple: pesto without the huff and fluff

When I read “The Pesto Heresies” in a recent Wall Street Journal food section, I thought the article title was apt after perusing a couple … Read more

Pump up the jam: Savor the flavor of summer with huckleberry preserves

Opening a jar of jam in the middle of winter is like unleashing a ray of summer sun while snowflakes fall outside. But to experience that l… Read more

Confit, cornichons and chorizo: What the heck is charcuterie, anyway?

Last week I sat with Jim Tracey, co-owner and executive chef of The Red Bird in downtown Missoula, hearing about how and why he started mak… Read more

Make your own avocado toast with tips from top chefs

You don't have to go out for brunch to enjoy delicious avocado toast. With tips from some experts, making avocado toast at home is a snap. Read more

Burping Is Good Manners and 25 Other Etiquette Surprises From Around the World

The world is a strange and surprising place full of history that is being explored daily by wanderers and adventure-seeking foodies. With so many cultures to explore, each with its own set of social rules and unique backgrounds, it’ s no surprise that what is considered to be acceptable etiquette varies... Read more

Dunkin' Donuts' Fall Drinks Are Coming Out Before Starbucks' PSL

Fall is more than a full month away, but pumpkin season is upon us. We already have the leaked release date for Starbucks’ iconic pumpkin spice latte, but Dunkin’ Donuts is sounding the alarm on the latest fall flavor-drop, and it’ s an expected full day before you can get your hands on a PSL. Read more

Texas shrimp farmers try new technology to prevent disease

LACOSTE, Texas (AP) — It was a Texas-sized shrimp dream, to breed tasty crustaceans far from shore but close to transportation hubs that would speed fresh seafood to swanky restaurants as far away as New York or Las Vegas. Read more

Ghost Pepper Chex Mix Will Seriously Spice Up Your Snacking

Maybe you’ re one of those hot-food lovers who has to challenge the chef at an Indian restaurant. If the pain of hot, spicy foods is pleasure for you, here’ s a new snack to try: Chex Mix now has a new flavor using the much-feared ghost pepper. The blog for General Mills, maker of Chex Mix, describes Ghost Pepper Chex... Read more

Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn Puts a Tangy Twist on a Halloween Classic

Candy corn is a classic Halloween candy, but that doesn’ t mean it needs to stay stuck in the past. This autumn, keep an eye out for a novel twist on the iconic tri-color candy: Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn, which like its namesake little people, blends sour and sweet tastes. If you can recall through a nostalgic... Read more

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13 interesting food offerings at baseball stadiums

Baseball stadiums are offering more than just hot dogs and peanuts. Read more

Who makes the best frozen fries? Putting nine brands to the test

The priciest fries weren't the tastiest. Read more

10 cooking hacks that will make you the campfire hero

Cooking well while camping has become a puzzle I love to solve. It involves making a careful plan and sticking to it, working around three … Read more



Security solutions to keep your Butte family and home safe this spring

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