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All about that borscht

The long train shuddered through the middle of a cold winter night, somewhere between Mongolia and Siberia. The last car was ostensibly a d… Read more

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Asian noodle soup to hit the spot on chilly nights

I raided my dried pasta supply the other day and found some Japanese soba and udon noodles I didn’t even know were there. Funny how that wo… Read more

Helena shop is full of cooking inspiration for the chef in a rut

Just Tapped has become my go-to place for cooking inspiration. I will confess that even though it has been open for five years in Helena an… Read more

Chocolate, IPA, cumin combine in shockingly superb radicchio dressing

It isn't true what they say about cooking radicchio. Read more

From whiskey to champagne: Every U.S. president's favorite drink

From stronger spirits to lighter cocktails, champagne and even just water, each president had his favorite adult beverage while in office. … Read more

Mull over fall with a hard cider, or two

I don’t drink a lot. During the summer I might have a beer or two a week, maybe a gin and tonic or a Moscow mule on a hot day. Every few we… Read more

Instagram users get free sushi in Milan with proof of posts

MILAN (AP) — A Milan sushi bar has come up with a new electronic payment method that is based on a currency more valuable than cash in some quarters. Read more

The Kitchn: 5-ingredient no-knead focaccia is the easiest homemade bread

There's something extra special about bringing warm, homemade bread to the table-- perhaps it's because it's such an infrequent occurrence. If you'd like to start doing it more often, I suggest you start with this focaccia. It's rich with olive oil, topped with fragrant rosemary, and baked in a skillet to... Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Can diet reverse Type 2 diabetes?

If you have Type 2 diabetes, you've likely heard that lifestyle changes may give you a clean bill of health. While diet and exercise can help tamp down blood sugar levels and dial back the need for certain medications, a cure for Type 2 diabetes isn't so straightforward. Why is it so complicated? Read more

Seriously Simple: Roasted potato fans are a tasty side dish standby

When I am looking for a side dish that will round out a main course, I often fall back on this standby recipe. The potatoes are sliced crosswise to give a fanned appearance, dusted with Parmesan cheese, and baked until crispy brown. This is one of those recipes that you will find easy to make and pretty to... Read more

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13 interesting food offerings at baseball stadiums

Baseball stadiums offered more than just hot dogs and peanuts at games this year. Here's a look: Read more

Cream in your coffee? A taste test of 10 popular options, from half-and-half to hemp milk

Would you like cream with that? You can go dairy, from skim milk to heavy cream. You can go nondairy with various "creams" or "milks" made … Read more

What’s a juicy lucy? 14 regional burger secrets from around the US

Need evidence of American ingenuity? Just check out the many ways we serve our hamburgers. With pimento cheese? Check. Pastrami? Check. Pea… Read more



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