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33M US drivers don't know if they're at risk from potentially deadly airbag blast

More than 33 million people in the United States are driving vehicles that contain a potentially deadly threat: Airbag inflators that in rare cases can explode in a collision and spew shrapnel. Read more


Will dashboard AM radio be saved? Bipartisan bill would require automakers to keep it in new cars

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are pushing to keep AM radio in the nation’s cars with the “AM for Every Vehicle Act” that would require automakers to keep AM radio in new cars at no additional cost.  Read more


Ford recalls SUVs, some for a second time, to fix rear camera display

Ford recalled more than 422,000 SUVs this month in the U.S. because the image from the rear camera may not be displayed. Read more


The average age of cars in the U.S. is older than ever before

The average age of light vehicles on American roads has reached a record high of 12.5 years. This is attributed to inventory issues caused … Read more


Can You Save by Bundling Insurance With a Car Purchase?

You’ve probably seen embedded insurance in the wild. Here's an example: Let’s say you buy a new refrigerator. During checkout, you’re asked if you’d like to get insurance for the item. That insurance policy, or “protection plan,” gets embedded into your purchase as a single transaction.Companies can offer insurance policies on everything from buying the... Read more


3 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Car Insurance Company

Sometimes, it pays to be a loyal customer. Airline miles, loyalty reward points, anniversary freebies, the coveted platinum membership tier — all of these incentives are designed to keep you committed to your favorite brands. But loyalty is typically a one-way street when it comes to car insurance."Insurance companies are there to make money," says... Read more


Average Cost Of Car Insurance 2022

Car insurance is required to drive legally in nearly all states, so it’s helpful to know what you can expect to pay for coverage. Forbes Advisor found the average cost of car insurance is $1,601 for full coverage and $513 for state minimum coverage. We analyzed rates from the best car insurance companies to get […] Read more

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5 electric cars with the highest trade-in values

CoPilot compiled a list of electric cars with the highest trade-in values using data from its car shopping app. Read more


Americans spend $179 on fuel each month—here's how to spend less

CoPilot looked into the Consumer Expenditure Surveys to see how much Americans spend on vehicle fuel and suggested ways to lower that expen… Read more


It's not just inflation—here's why your car insurance rates are almost certainly going up this year

The General curated a list of why car insurance rates are inevitably rising in 2023. Read more

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Is There No Fix For No-Fault Insurance? Florida Faces A Tough Choice

No-fault car insurance, which requires drivers to file car accident injury claims with their own insurance company regardless of who’s at fault, seemed like a good idea in the 1970s. So good that almost half our states, along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, adopted some form of no-fault insurance law that allows […] Read more

What Is Casualty Insurance And Why Should You Care?

You’ve likely heard of “property and casualty insurance.” The property part refers to physical things you own like your car, house and furniture. But what is casualty insurance, and why should you care about it? What Is Casualty Insurance? Casualty insurance provides liability coverage in case you’re responsible for other people’s property damage or injuries. […] Read more

Who Pays If Your Friend Crashes Your Car?

The cleanup from a car crash can be messy. It can get messier if you weren’t driving your car but, instead, a friend was behind the wheel. Part of the complication surrounds who pays if your friend crashes your car. Buckle up as we take you down the road of this potentially bumpy issue. Car […] Read more