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Police responded to an apartment building on the 900 block of Evans around 3 a.m. Wednesday on a report of a man with a gun. Police said witnesses told them a man in an upstairs apartment went downstairs to break up a fight between a man and a woman. The downstairs man allegedly followed the upstairs man back up and assaulted him, police said. The upstairs man's wife then stabbed her husband's attacker with a knife, and police said he retreated downstairs and got a gun. Police said the downstairs man told them he had the gun but that it was taken by someone, he couldn't say who. Police didn't locate the gun but did find the knife. No one was arrested for the incident as police are still trying to determine what could have been criminal and what constituted self-defense.


Police were called to Park and Main around 1 a.m. Wednesday after a man reported being assaulted by two men. Police said the man told them he was in the front passenger seat of parked car, and that another man in the backseat threw a cup of ice out the window, nearly hitting two men. The men started banging on the windows, and when the front passenger got out of the car police said the two men began punching him. The man retreated into the street and was punched more and knocked down before the men ran away up the alley between the Party Palace and Gamer's. Police said the man had a black eye but did not request medical attention. No one identified the two men and there were no arrests.

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