Man allegedly plays chicken with cars

A 25-year-old Butte man is being accused of disorderly conduct after he allegedly was seen throwing objects at vehicles on Montana Street and playing chicken with cars.

Police say they responded to a bar on the 2700 block of Elm Street after receiving a report that Jonathon Stephens, 25, of Butte was at the establishment and was punching a wall and a door.

Stephens left the bar by the time officers arrived, police said, but around 10:30 p.m. he was spotted by an ambulance driver near the corner of Montana and Iron Streets. According to the driver, Stephens at that time was on foot and was allegedly throwing objects at cars and “playing chicken” with passing vehicles. The 25-year-old also allegedly threw a liquid substance at the ambulance.

When officers arrived, they apprehended Stephens and took him to Butte county jail, where he currently faces a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge.

Trespassing woman wields wasp spray

Police say a female resident living on the 200 block of Excelsior Avenue witnessed an unusual crime Monday afternoon.

Law enforcement said the female resident phoned police around 3 p.m. after coming upon a woman trespassing on her back porch.

According to the victim’s report, the unknown woman had stolen a can of wasp spray from the porch and was spraying it on a piece of drywall when she was discovered. After being confronted by the resident, police said, the woman told the resident that she wasn’t afraid of her, at which point the resident went back inside and phoned police.

The woman was last seen on foot leaving the residence south on Excelsior. She is described as a thin white female with brown hair. At the time of the incident she was wearing blue jeans and a black miniskirt over the jeans, police said.

Unwanted homecoming

Police arrested Joseph Matt, 26, of Butte Monday night after the 26-year-old allegedly refused to leave a residence where he lived 8 years ago.

Police said they arrived at the Silver Bow Homes on Curtis Street around 10 p.m. after a woman reported that Matt showed up at her residence, claimed that he lived there and was refusing to leave. Police said the woman did not know Matt and that she has been living at the residence for two years.

When confronted by officers, Matt allegedly continued to refuse to leave the property.

Officers arrested the 26-year-old for misdemeanor criminal trespassing and took him to Butte county jailed, where he remained as of Tuesday morning.

Police said the 26-year-old lived at the residence in 2009 but is no longer a resident there. They added that a no-trespass order was issued against him for Silver Bow Homes prior to Monday night’s incident.

Marijuana possession at Butte High 

Police say around 11:30 a.m., Monday, they received a report from Butte High School that a student at the school was allegedly in possession of marijuana.

According to police, a dean at the school contacted a school resource officer about the possible drug possession. The officer later allegedly uncovered the marijuana and issued the student a notice to appear in juvenile court.

$1,500 bike stolen

Police responded to the 1500 block of Gold Street Monday afternoon after a resident called to report a garage theft. According to police, someone had broken into the resident’s garage by prying a door open and had made off with a $1,500 fat-tire bike.