Hit-and-run results in drug charge

Police said they arrested a 39-year-old Butte woman early Thursday afternoon after a witness phoned police and said that the woman was driving recklessly.

According to the witness, the woman was driving at a high rate of speed near the Second and Shields, lost control of her vehicle after driving over railroad tracks, struck a parked truck and continued down the street without stopping.

Police pulled over the woman, Marsha Hand, near Stuart and Pine. She told officers that she left the scene of the accident because she was scared. Police said they arrested her for hit-and-run, then discovered a glass pipe and several Colospan pills in her possession. Colospan (chlordiazepoxide) is used to treat anxiety and acute alcohol withdrawal.

Hand remained in Butte jail Friday afternoon, and faces felony charges of possession of dangerous drugs, along with misdemeanor charges related to the hit-and-run.