Following girlfriend 

Police say they received a call around 10 a.m. Tuesday from a woman who said her boyfriend was following her in his vehicle as she rode in the vehicle of a friend. The woman told officers that her boyfriend had attempted to stop the vehicle she was riding in with his car and that he had sent her threatening text messages. Because the woman said she was in fear of the man, police said, officers arrested him at Farragut Avenue and Cobban Street, where both vehicles were stopped in a stalemate.

Richard Montgomery, 24, of Butte remained in jail as of Wednesday morning, where he’s facing misdemeanor charges of endangerment and partner, family-member assault.

Obstructing justice

Rebecca Perkins, 24, of Butte faces charges of obstructing justice Tuesday afternoon after she tried to evade police. Police say patrolling officers spotted Perkins walking near the Silver Bow Homes and attempted to apprehend her because of three city-court warrants out for her arrest. Perkins ran into a residence at the homes. Officers found her on the back porch of the residence and arrested her, police said.


Alex Osier, 20, of Butte was arrested around 2:30, Tuesday after he allegedly kicked and broke a door at a mental-health facility on the 100 block of Broadway Street. He faces charges of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.

Wrong name

Michael Deshazo, 26, of Butte faces charges of obstructing a peace officer and criminal contempt, both misdemeanors. According to police, patrolling officers spotted Deshazo parked in the lot of a business early Wednesday morning on the 2500 block of Harrison Avenue. A contempt warrant was out for his arrest. When officers approached him, police said, he gave officers a fake name, resulting in the obstruction charge.