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Police arrested Danika Erfle, 30, of Butte Thursday night for allegedly ringing up over $ 2,200 worth of internet purchases using a stolen credit card number, $210 of which was for pizza orders.

Police arrested Erfle after investigating a May 10 complaint from the victim, who said they saw charges on their credit card bill they didn’t recognize.

Police contacted the pizza companies involved to find that Erfle allegedly had the pizzas delivered to her home, where police later arrested the 30-year-old woman.

Police said Erfle was not in possession of the physical card and they don’t yet know how she acquired its number.

Criminal contempt

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A 29-year-old Butte man with multiple warrants for his arrest was taken into custody early Friday morning after police spotted him at a gas station on Harrison Avenue.

Toby Alexander, who had two district court and one city court warrants out for his arrest, was standing inside the gas station with Carol Koski, 28, of Butte when police observed him.

After entering the building, police discovered Alexander had fled, but Koski remained behind. When questioned, Koski allegedly told police that she had been shopping alone.

Police left the gas station area to search an adjoining casino.

While they were searching, Koski left the building and got into a car where Alexander was waiting, police said.

The two attempted to leave in the car but were apprehended by police. In addition to his warrants, police arrested Alexander for resisting arrest and obstructing justice. Koski was also arrested for obstructing justice for allegedly lying to police.

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