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Brian Chacon, Andy Gallacher and Clark Grant

From left, Al Jazeera English cameraman Brian Chacon, Al Jazeera English correspondent Andy Gallacher and KBMF station manager Clark Grant pose for a picture outside of KBMF radio station, 102.5 FM, in front of Carpenters Union Hall, 156 W. Granite St., in Uptown Butte on Wednesday. The station is located inside the hall.

Two people from the international news organization Al Jazeera English shot footage in Butte Wednesday for a story on community radio stations.

Correspondent Andy Gallacher, with senior cameraman Brian Chacon, both based in Miami, interviewed Clark Grant, KBMF station manager, who helped launch the community radio station last summer at 102.5 FM.

Gallacher said he recently became interested in radio stations that use the FCC’s Low Power FM Radio license to broadcast non-commercial, community content.

According to Gallacher, 1,500 of these licenses have been issued across the country and allow nonprofit stations to broadcast low-power signals, which have a radius of about two miles.

“It’s kind of interesting that these not-for-profit, volunteer radio stations are serving their community,” Gallacher said, pointing out that the low-powered stations are different from the large, media conglomerates that broadcast over large areas.

“This is completely the opposite,” he said. “It’s focused on serving very small area.”

Gallacher added that he and Chacon will travel to Missoula next, where another low-powered, independent radio station is about to launch. He was unsure when the story would air.

KBMF broadcasts from Carpenters Union Hall, 156 W. Granite St., across from the county courthouse.

Al Jazeera English is a channel from the Al Jazeera Media Network, a state-funded media organization based in Qatar.

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