Details for Mainstreet Uptown Butte - Ad from 2021-10-10

Vaccination Sweepstakes FINAL WINNERS CONGRATULATIONS to ALL VACCINATED Butte-Silver Bow Residents and the 75 awarded $525,000 - THANK YOU!! Week 2 Week 1 Week 3 Winners Include: Mark Bleken-$10,000, Toby Richards Winners Include: Vicent Keirce-$10,000, Hadley Lingle Winners Include: Anthony Hughes-$5,000, Cole Worley-$10,000, Joey Scown-$5,000, Brea -$5,000, Emily Loos-$5,000, LaDonna Black-$5,000, -$5,000, Michelle Lewis-$10,000, Kyla MarshallWagner-$5,000 (Dixie Harrington pictured accepting for her Ina Fox-$10,000 Evans-$5,000, Abigail Young-$5,000 (Alice Rogers granddaughter), Keira Masters-$10,000 pictured accepting for her daughter) Week 4 Week 5 Winners Include: Lea Frye-$10,000, Charlie SmithWinners Include: Joseph Good -$10,000, Taylor $5,000, Tracy Snyder-$5,000, Aubrey Fleege-$5,000, Garrett -$5,000, Jayne Dixon-$5,000, Arika Zach Johnson-$10,000 Stajcar-$5,000, Joyce Whitford-$10,000, Week 8 Week 7 Week 6 Winners Include: Todd Finstad-$10,000, Michael Vook-$5,000, Bryli Pressler-$5,000, Emma Milasevich-$5,000, John Jaksha-$10,000 Week 9 Winners Include: Joe Schrader-$10,000, Winners Include: Kresta Cecconi-$10,000, Winners Include: Madison Dyer-$10,000, Samantha Rosenberg-$5,000, Cherie Headley-$5,000, Terra Frasz-$5,000, Hailey Spear-$5,000, JT Sullivan-$5,000, Chris Fouts-$5,000, Ann West-$10,000, not pictured-Greta Hursh-$5,000 Rob Sisson-$5,000, Keith Richardson-$10,000 Kraig Brophy-$5,000, Lloyd Vires-$10,000 Week 11 Week 10 Winners Include: Zachary Vallely- $10,000, Brennan Lester- $5,000, Rachelle Homler- $5,000, Moises Huerta- $5,000, Vivian Borduin- $10,000 Week 12 Winners Include: Jolene Kaighn- $10,000, Winners Include: Caitlyn Gross-$5,000 (not pictured), Dakota Willman- $5,000, Kieyrah Killoy- $5,000, Dan Weldon-$10,000, Ella Collins-$5,000, Patti Krista Arnold-Anderson- $5,000, Julie Daum- $10,000 Maldonado-$10,000, Sherry Goodman-$5,000 (not pictured) Week 14 Week 13 Winners Include: Levi Sargent-$10,000, Christopher Rolfe-$5,000, Maya Dare-$5,000, Smiley Carpenter-$5,000, Cody Sherrill-$10,000 Winners Include: Timothy Price- $10,000, Leila Anderson- $5,000, Russ Dugdale- $5,000, Alison Taylor- $5,000, Shirley Burnett- $10,000 Week 15 Winners Include: Nancy Danielson-$10,000, Dennis Shea-$5,000, Jozi Daugherty-$5,000, Bill Dobb-$5,000, Scott Lakkala-$10,000 Unvaccinated make up 90+% of those hospitalized 159 Active COVID Cases & 54 New COVID Cases as of 10/7/21 96 COVID deaths tragically in BSB 19 people are hospitalized, 16 not vaccinated, 10 in ICU & 5 on ventilators. Ages of 19 hospitalized are 1+ through 86 years get FREE vaccinations with: 1 shot J & J @ BSB Health Dept. Front Street, or 2 shots @ CVS, Safeway, Walgreens, Walmart, RMAP Pharmacy @ ST James and SWMT Community Health. BEINg VAccINAtEd mAy SAVE youR LIFE oR pREVENt SIckNESS oR EVEN dEAth!

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