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Losing your HEARING
or are your ears just plugged with EARWAX?

You are invited for a FREE ear inspection using the latest video technology to determine if
you could be helped by a hearing aid.

through September 17th. • Call for an appointment now to avoid waiting! It’s All FREE!
Now through
FREE Video Otoscope Ear Inspection*
This show-all picture of your ear canal is displayed on a color monitor, so you’ll see
exactly what we see to determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid.
FREE Complete Electronic Hearing Test*
This Audiometric evaluation will precisely show you what you’ve been missing and if
you can be helped by a hearing aid.
FREE Package of Hearing Aid Batteries
If you now wear a hearing aid, you will recieve one FREE package of Hearing Aid
Batteries. If we test your heaing to see if you could be helped by a hearing aid you will
recieve another FREE Package.
FREE In-Office Repairs
All in-office hearing aid repairs shall be FREE... and factory repairs, regardless of make
or model shall be 50% OFF the total cost of the repair.

Introducing the NEW Chip in the Ear
In-The-Canal Advantages

Open Fit/Reciever-In-The-Canal
Fit/Reciever-In-T he-Canal
Advanced, powerful technology allows even more options to
wear this more natural sounding and comfortable hearing aid.
Open Fit hearing aids fit securely behind the ear and have a
thin tube that directs the sound into your ear canal. The RIC
(Reciever-In-The-Canal) provides more taargeted sound with
a speaker added to the end of the clear, thin tube.
More RIC Advantages:
• Smaller than ever
• More natural sounding
• Discreet and comfortable
• Best-in-performance features that reduce or eliminate
feedback and whistling
• The most versatile model - able to fit most levels of
hearing loss. Most models are compatible with wireless
Bluetooth® Technologyt


Comfortable to wear
• Sizes to meet your lifestyle
Uses the ear’s natural ability to locate sounds •Individualized
Most models compatible with wireless Bluetooth® Technology

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price All ME-5,
ME-4, and ME-3 Solutions Hearing Aids
Good only from participating Miracle-Ear® Hearing Aid Centers. One coupon per purchase. No other
offers or discounts apply. Discount does not apply to to prior sales. Offer valid on ME-1, ME-2, ME_3
hearing aids. Cannot combine with any other offers. Cash value 1/20th cent. Offer expires 09/17/21

• Versatile
• Utilizes the most advanced technology
• Uses the ear’s natural ability to locate sound • Rechargable option
•Most models compatible with wireless Bluetooth® Technology

visit us online at :


Save on our advanced line
of digital hearing aids.


Mention Code : 21SepLosing

MSRP $3090 SAVE $2095
Offer valid on Model ME2400 100%
Digital & 100% Programmable
Valid at participating Miracle-Ear® Hearing Aid Centers.
Limit one hearinmg aid per customer at the promotional price.
May not be combined with other offers and does not apply to prior
sales. Cash value 1/20th cent. Offer expires 09/17/21.

3100 Harrison Ave. Suite D-2
Butte, MT 59701
(406) 792-4163

*Hearing test is always free. Hearing aids do not restore natural hearing. Individual experiences vary depending on severity of hearing loss, accuracy of evolution, and ability to adapt to amplification. Hearing test is an
audiometric test to determine amplification needs only. These are not medical exams or diagnoses. If you suspect a problem please seek treatment from your physician. **Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Blue Cross, The Blue
Shield, BCBS and Federal Employee Program are registered trademarks of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and its independent licensees are not affiliated with nor do they endorse or
sponsor the contents of this advertisement. Trademarks referring to specifdic providers are used by Miracle-Ear for nominative purposes only: to truthfully identify the source of the services about which information is provided. Such trademarks are solely the property of their respective owners. The aids must be returned within 30 ndays of delivery pursuant to terms of your purchase agreement and 100% of the purchase will be refunded.


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