Details for ROCKY MOUNTAIN SUPPLY- BELGRADE - Ad from 2019-03-15

Rocky Mountain Supply Annual Meeting Corporate Office 210 Gallatin Farmers Ave. Belgrade Montana 59714 Notice of 19th Annual Meeting of Stockholders Of Rocky Mountain Supply, Inc. To: Stockholders of Rocky Mountain Supply, Inc. You are hereby notified that the 19th Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Rocky Mountain Supply, Inc. 210 Gallatin Farmers Ave., Belgrade, MT 59714, will be held on April 4th 2019 at the Holiday Inn, Bo-zeman MT at 5:30 PM for dinner and 6:30 PM for transaction of any business that may properly come be-fore the meeting. You are hereby notified that at said meeting, the following will be presented to the membership: 1) Election of two members of the Board of Directors. (One from BeaverheadMadison area, one from the Gallatin/Park area). April 4, 2019 5:30 PM Dinner 6:30 PM Meeting Holiday Inn Bozeman, Montana Door Prizes and Miscellaneous Drawings RSVP’S Requested No later than March 28, 2019 (406) 388-4009 Board Of Directors Chuck Kohlbeck, (406) 580-8255 John Jackson (406) 834-3131 Shirley Wilson (406) 266-4068 Lindsay Seidensticker (406) 625-1990 Daryl Marx (406) 599-6260 Mark Reyher (406) 388-4656 Jerry Meine (406) 683-5402 Please call your local outlet for information and directions, or call the Belgrade Corporate Office. This is an important meeting, the Board of Directors of Rocky Mountain Supply, Inc. requests your presence. By the order of the Board of Directors, John Jackson, Secretary

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