Details for MT STANDARD RETAIL/IN HOUSE - Ad from 2019-02-10

YEARS in BUSINESS 95 Proud to be a BUTTE Business 2019 Voted Butte’s Best for Towing & Proud to Service Your Needs 93 Butte 93 Serving Butte and Surrounding areas since 1926 RED WRECKER 24 hour Service • 494-3606 BUTTE TIN SHOP 28 E. Galena St. • (406) 782-2446 88 Jay Richards, Owner 520 Holmes Ave. • Butte, MT Butte’s Oldest Wrecker Service 85 We Proudly Support Butte! 79 Proud to be Providing Accounting Services to Southwest Montana Than For Thanks Supporting Us Sup Throughout The Years! Thro “proud to be Furnishing butte and southwest Montana For 88 years butte: 800 S. Wyoming • 782-4231 deer Lodge: 417 Main • 846-3311 www.steeLesFurniture.coM 74 Years Combined Experience NO FEE UNTIL WE WIN! William P. Joyce 8 W. W Mercury 782-0812 782-0 74 Newland and Company 2400 Harrison A Professional Corporation 782-1783 Proud to be a BUTTE Business 2900 Lexington - 494-4754 73 Proud to be a BUTTE Business Michael W. Haynes Saidee M. Johnston Terry J. MacDonald Personal Injury Attorneys, PLLP • In the Historic Finlen Hotel,ground floor • 100 E. Broadway St., Butte MT • 406/723-8700 69 Proud to be a BUTTE Business BUTTE SYMPHONY ASSOCIATION 321 W. Broadway, 406-723-5590 66 Proud to call Butte our home! East Side Athletic Club 3200 Dexter • 782.7539 68 Proud to support our community! HARRINGTON SURGICAL SUPPLY 53 E. Broadway • Butte, MT • 723-6541 67 Hardesty & Sons Butte CiviC Center 1701 Continental Drive 66 Proud to support our community! Proud to be in Butte and supporting Southwest Montana since 1952. 406-497-6400 66 Proud to Provide Butte with Food, Fuel & Fun! CAR WASH Open GET YOUR CAR CLEAN IN OUR CAR WASH! American Car Care Lisac’s Tire 3600 Harrison • Butte 494-4450 2109 Yale • Butte 782-4294 Lisac’s Tire 65 Proud to be Butte’s Candy Tradition SHEPPERDS CANDY 2405 Harrison Ave., Butte 406.782.8721 Of Anaconda Montana Muffler AND SUPPLY 1100 W Park Ave • Anaconda 563-6110 64 441 S Montana St. • Butte 782-9108 Proud to support our community! Park Street Liquor 133 West Park, Butte • 406-782-6278 LISAC’S FOOD, FUEL & FUN 64 TRI-STOP & GOOD TYMES CASINO 2544 Harrison • Butte 782-9359 Locally Owned and Operated Thank You For Your continued Support & Business Serving Butte Since 1955! BUTTE Plaza Mall 494-2897

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