Details for MT STANDARD RETAIL/IN HOUSE - Ad from 2019-05-14

★ A D ★ ANACON ✭ALL AWARE Edward (Russ) Carstens Lee Ann Hittick Tara Perkins Russell Peterson Techia Walton Amanda Weldon Shane Zuber ✭ALL David Caldwell ✭ALL Todd Adcock Team Anaconda AWARE Thanks Coaches & Volunteers STAR✭ STAR✭ ✭ALL STAR✭ Team Anaconda AWARE Team Anaconda AWARE Go Team! Go Team! Events: 100 Meter Walk, Softball Throw ✭ALL STAR✭ Tiffany Klose Events: Long Jump, Double Bocce Go Team! ✭ALL Aaron Carpenter Jay Arensmyer Team Anaconda AWARE Events: 50 Meter Walk, Double Bocce Go Team! STAR✭ STAR✭ Chester (Duane) Christiansen Team Anaconda AWARE Events: 50 Meter Run, Golf ✭ALL Team Anaconda AWARE STAR✭ Wayne Marry Events: Double Bocce, Biking Go Team! Go Team! Our Team Is Proud of You GO FOR GOLD! Good Luck! Go Team! ✭ALL Team Anaconda AWARE Events: Long Jump, Softball Throw Events: 50 Meter Walk, Golf STAR✭ Dan Ramsey Team Anaconda AWARE Events: 50 Meter Walk, Double Bocce Go Team! Good Luck rucHeLLe tYvand 43 Years YounG BrinG Home tHe GoLd Your friends at 2544 Harrison Ave, Butte • 782-9359 We are Proud to SuPPort SPeCIaL oLYMPICS BrIng HoMe tHe goLd! 2-Way Radio & Microwave Networks High Speed Internet High Speed Internet 204 E Commercial, Anaconda 406-563-5333 406-563-7115 Toll Free: 800-848-9331

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