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Stories of Honor Mark GollinGer Rank, bRanch: Senior chief Petty Officer, United States navy Service: • Gollinger, a self-described “Butte rat born and raised,” graduated from Butte High School in 1983, and shortly thereafter enlisted in the U.S. Navy reserve as a Seabee equipment operator. After helping out for a time at his father’s bar in Butte, he went active duty. • Gollinger’s first deployment was with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5, “The Professionals,” in 1987. He was sent to Puerto Rico, Okinawa and the Bahamas before being sent to Saudi Arabia as part of Operation Desert Shield. There, he ran a limestone quarry used in base road construction. His deployment was extended, and his unit was assigned to build camp roads and helipads for the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force. • After a short stint at Naval Air Facility Misawa in Japan, Gollinger was sent stateside, where he worked with the 31st Naval Construction Regiment at Port Huaneme, then on to Special Boat Unit 12 (now Special Boat Team 12) at Naval Base Coronado. There, he was a “plank owner,” or member of the first crew, of a Mark V Special Operations Craft, an 85-foot patrol boat, then state of the art, designed to insert up to a platoon of Navy Seals into operations. The boat, which has some Stealth features, is very fast and well-armed, with twin .50 caliber gun positions, a Mark 19 40mm automatic grenade launcher and can support an M134 “minigun” – an electric Gatling gun. The Mark V Special Operations Craft is carried on a Freightliner and a C5 cargo plane. Gollinger’s detachment included two boats, two transporters, two tractors, four Humvees, two 5-ton cargo trucks and two C5s. He learned to drive the boat, to navigate, and to man a gun position. • He was deployed to the Gulf from 1996 to 1999, including time in ur Join o new s r e y Pl a b Clu NE W PL AYERS CLUB US JOINR A O F G INNIN ! TYME W Open 24 HOurs! C e s to w i n - M o r e P r i z e s More Chan e w Giveaways n n Fu MORE FUN – MORE REWARDS & GOOD TYMES CASINO FOOD Fuel 2544 Harrison Butte 782-9359 locally owned & operated Fun! northern Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan and Guam. Among the Special Operations Craft’s missions was to interdict smugglers in the Gulf. • He returned to shore duty at Coronado, where he learned he had been promoted to Chief Petty Officer. Gollinger wanted to get back to special warfare, and won a position with Naval Special Warfare Group 1, building and operating camps and handling logistics for SEAL teams. • After 9/11, He was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with Seal Team 1. Both at Baghram and at Kandahar, Gollinger was sent ahead d to prepare and support camps for SEAL units. • In 2002, he deployed in support of SEAL Team 7, first to Pacific cific Command based at Guam for special operations exercises in Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Philippines, then to Central Command again in Iraq. • After being promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer, he also ran an a special operations counterterrorism program in the Philippines. • Gollinger’s last shore rotation took him to the Seabee school at China Lake, California, where he was the ranking NCO. veTerANS AcTiviTieS: • Gollinger serves as a Veterans Representative in the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program at Job Service Butte and at several other locations around southwest Montana. While his role is broadly described as helping veterans get good jobs, he often has to intervene to help veterans get stabilized in other areas of their lives so they can work. “My passion ins taking care of my veterans,” he says. “That’s what I do.” He added that “Some are 90 years old, and some are recently back from Afghanistan.” • Gollinger also volunteers with groups helping veterans, including XSports for Vets and Healing Waters. HONORING PUBLIC SERVICE MEMBERS Gollinger during a deployment to Iraq Gollinger (center), with his crew and their Mark V Special Operations Craft in Guam Gollinger at his retirement ceremony on his last day in the Navy Thank you for your service! Supporting Veterans, Educators, Law Enforcement & Medical Professionals by offering discounts on commissions when buying or selling real estate in SW Montana. Thank you for your public service! Call me Today to find our more! Tracy Miller 490-0338 800 Dewey Blvd 406-494-3313 HONORING ALL WHO SERVED

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