Details for MT STANDARD RETAIL/IN HOUSE - Ad from 2019-03-15

DrinKinG &DrivinG Can CHanGe YoUr LiFe in JUSt one SHot Don’t riSK YoUr LiFe or tHe LiFe oF Someone eLSe. If you plan on drinking, plan ahead and choose a designated driver or call a taxi service for a ride home. ForGet tHe mYtHS Your car isn’t the only • Coffee will sober me up thing you’ll wreck • I stay with beer and never drink hard stuff, so I’ll be fine to drive iF YoU DrinK & Drive • Bigger people can handle their alcohol better so they can drink and drive • I’ll be fine after I get some air • I have a prescription for the drugs I’m using, so I can’t get a DUI • I’m a good driver and I won’t get pulled over Get tHe FaCtS Don't Drive impaireD Montana has one of the highest fatality rates in the nation for number of deaths caused by impaired drivers per vehicle mile traveled. • Kid in the Car? Fines will be DOUBLED! • repeat offender? Expect to pay more, serve more time, go to treatment, and be supervised by the court. • One life lost on Montana roads is too many. Drive Sober & Buckle Up! 1. tHinK BeFore YoU DrinK 1. This pain and heartbreak could have been prevented. 2. pLan aHeaD If you intend to drink - plan ahead. It’s that easy and could save a life: yours or someone else’s. 3. proteCt YoUr FrienDS Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Dr. Curtis Andrews Stay alive. Don’t Drink & Drive 400 S. Clark St., Butte, MT 59701 406-723-2500 Have a Safe ilE St. Patrick’S Sm Day! & Enjoy Office Open Monday-Friday Accepting New Patients No Referral Necessary 1405 Dewey • Butte, MT 59701 406-494-8866

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