Details for MT STANDARD RETAIL/IN HOUSE - Ad from 2019-02-10

YEARS in BUSINESS 2 0 1 9 113 East 3rd strEEt anaconda, Montana • (406) 563-3424 73 Proud to do Business in our Anaconda Community Dee Motor Co. Saltenberger Heating Plumbing 1200 East Commercial • Anaconda • 563-5225 213 E. Commercial, Anaconda • 406-563-3088 SERVING ANACONDA 39 SERVING SW MONTANA THOMPSON BAR 213 Main Anaconda, MT 563-9921 34 Proud of be part of our Anaconda Community! 56 SERVING ANACONDA Proud to be an ANACONDA Business 406-563-7115 * 406-563-5333 216 Park Ave. Anaconda, 406-563-7851 Proud to be part of our Anaconda Community Mike King State Farm Insurance Agent 118 Cherry, Anaconda, Mt. 406-563-2991 Proud to be part of the Anaconda Community! ICE CR 5 E AM C ORNER THRIFTY DRUG & THRIFTY DRUG ICE CREAM CORNER 201 E. Park Anaconda, MT • 406-563-8441 Proud to be an ANACONDA Business Anaconda Disposal Services 110 E. Pennsylvania Ave. • Anaconda 406-563-5111 Proud to be an ANACONDA Business EVERETT LAW FIRM, PLLC 217 E. Park, Anaconda, MT 59711 (406) 563-5005 36 Proud to support our community! 25 Y DRUG 42 Proud to support our community! Galle Plumbing & Heating Inc. 805 E. Commercial, Anaconda 406-563-7552 SERVING ANACONDA 204 E. Commercial Ave., Anaconda, MT H A R DWA R E H A NK THRIF T 69 COLBERTS ELECTRIC 401 E. Commercial • Anaconda, Mt. • 563-2422 DUNNE COMMUNICATIONS & RF WAVE Locally Owned and Operated! 38 Copper Village Museum & Art Thank you for your support! Best People, Place, and Product! 74 SERVING ANACONDA Attorneys at Law 1521 Country Club Rd., Anaconda, Mt 406-797-3220 61 Proud to be an Anaconda Business! KNIGHT & DAHOOD Anaconda County Club 74 SERVING ANACONDA 101 SERVING ANACONDA Proud to be part of the Anaconda Community SERVING ANACONDA 102 520 E. Park Anaconda, MT • 406-563-5741 SERVING ANACONDA SERVING ANACONDA Anaconda 25 Proud to be a part of our Anaconda Community Goosetown Racquet Health Club 909 E. Front • Anaconda MT 406-563-7878

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