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Advertisement New Pill Sends Immune Cells to Aging Parts of the Body Research shows a new plant-based compound may hold the secret to defying old age and illness by revitalizing old and elderly cells with the immune system. For Immediate Release US- Researchers say they may have just caught their first big break while experimenting on a newly discovered antiaging compound. When taken orally, the compound, a plant-based extract, was shown to rejuvenate elderly cells all over the body. Even more remarkable, it targeted the weakest, most vulnerable cells first. The result was so profound that the extract was immediately formulated into a pill. And after vigorous testing, for toxicity and adverse effects, it has been deemed safe for consumption, making it available in select states. Combats the Side Effects of Aging You Hate Sold under the brand name AloeCure, research shows the new pill helps protect users from the inevitable side effects of aging including declining energy, immunity, and cardiovascular health. According to its developers, it may also help lessen daily joint and muscle discomfort and even smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. These amazing healthrestoring effects can be linked to the pill’s active ingredient, the recently discovered plant-based extract, which acts as a powerful immune modulator. In laymen terms, an immune modulator throws the immune system into high gear, sending special cells to parts of the body which need them most. These immune cells work in a number of ways, but the one that have scientists most excited is their effect on inflammation. “Once your cells catch fire, the aging process accelerates. And like a forest fire, by the time its controlled, it’s already too late”, explains Dr. Liza Leal, a spokesperson for AloeCure as well as one of the researchers who participated in its development. “That’s what makes AloeCure so amazing. It triggers this phenomenon where the immune system fires on all cylinders, gathering every resource the body has to offer before sending them to parts of the body which need them most”. “If your joints are burning, it sends relief. If indigestion is ruining your life, it calms it. Wherever inflammation is hiding, it will find it”, she continues. Anti-Aging Researchers Catch a Huge Break Dr. Liza Leal says her inspiration for AloeCure came after experimenting with Aloe Vera Extract at her private practice. Although it was intended for her patients with indigestion, reflux, and other gastro issues, she began noticing other changes in their health other than digestive relief. “At first, I thought it A Major Breakthrough in Aging: The active compound in AloeCure has been shown to trigger a phenomena in the body where it begins to repair itself. was just coincidence. But then, patient after patient began raving about these phenomenal improvements in their health”, explains Leal. “I was astounded. They were in less pain, had more energy, and were sick less often. They have seemed to have a more youthful appearance, especially in regard to their hair and nails.” “I dug a little deeper into aloe vera extract and stumbled on something remarkable, what I consider our first big break in anti-aging research. “Unlike other plantbased extracts, aloe vera has abnormally high concentrations of a unique compound which works with the immune system in an amazing way. An Amazing AgeReversing Effect AloeCure is a pill that’s taken just once daily. The pill is small. Easy to swallow. There are no harmful side effects and it does not require a prescription. The active ingredient is a rare aloe vera family of compounds known as acemannan. Studies show on of your immune system very important components are millions of cells called macrophages. These cells act as both defenders of your tissues and directors of your immune system. But in order for these cells to “work”, they need to be fed. The acemannan is like “superfood” for your immune system. It is one of the only compounds in existence which are just the right size to activate your macrophages, boosting your immunity through the roof. Once activated, these immune cells patrol your body looking for age-accelerating inflammation and put it out! As inflammation subsides, the body, brain, heart, lungs, among other systems - is revitalized. Patients Rave To date over 5 million bottles of AloeCure have been sold. Remarkably, this was before the new research and patient testimonials went public suggesting it may be the best anti-aging, youthrestoring therapy in years. An accidental discovery that has consumers eager to try it and customers rushing to stock up on more. “I was always in indigestion hell, so my primary put me on all sorts of antacids. Nothing worked. Then Dr. Leal recommended I try AloeCure and something remarkable happened...not only were all the issues I had with my stomach gone completely gone – but I felt less joint pain and I was able to actually sleep through the night.” With so much positive feedback, it’s easy to see why the community of believer is growing and sales for the new pill are soaring. A Complete Health Turnaround AloeCure is an exciting new anti-aging pill that’s now helped thousands of people reclaim their energy, vitality, and youth regardless of age or current level of health. With daily use, it can help you look and feel decades younger and defend against all of the illnesses that accompany aging and can make life hard. Readers can now regain boundless energy, new vigor and physical capabilities that they once experienced in their youth. The latest research on AloeCure shows it may help users feel: • A Burst of Youthful Energy • Lasting All Day Endurance • Soothing Full-Body Relief • Calm, Relaxed, & Worry-Free • Younger & More Vital! • Physically & Mentally Revived 3-Month Supply of AloeCure FREE For Readers Due to the enormous interest consumers have shown in AloeCure, in addition to great return promotion, the company has decided to extend their nationwide savings event for a little while longer. Here’s how it works... Call the AloeCure number and speak to a live person in the US. Callers will be greeted by knowledgeable and friendly person approved to offer up to 3 FREE bottles of AloeCure with your order. AloeCure’s Toll-Free number is 1-855-303-7733. Only a limited discounted supply of AloeCure is currently available. Consumers who miss out on the current product inventory will have to wait until more becomes available and that could take weeks. They will also not be guaranteed any additional savings. The company advises not to wait. Call 1-855-303-7733 today. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. ALL DOCTORS MENTIONED ARE REMUNERATED FOR THEIR SERVICES. ALL CLINICAL STUDIES ON ALOECURE’S ACTIVE INGREDIENT WERE INDEPENDENTLY CONDUCTED AND WERE NOT SPONSORED BY THE AMERICAN GLOBAL HEALTH GROUP.

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