Details for LISACS TIRE INC - Ad from 2018-12-06

WE SELL TRACTION! sTuDDable sTuDDable sTuDDable C W W 419 • Efficient water evacuation and winter performance 175/70R13 • Offers superior wet traction and lower rolling resistance • lmproved handling performance • lmproved bead uniformity and durability 79 $ starting at .95 sTuDless design • Smooth, quiet ride • Excellent evacuation of • Excellent snow and ice traction snow 235/75R15 starting at 109 $ .00 215/70R15 starting at • Reliable handling on snow and slush • lmpressive grip and control in winter • Maintains smoothness even in extreme low temperatures • Maximum snow, wet and dry performance • Even tread wear 99 $ .00 205/60R16 starting at sTuDDable TiRes D C G W ynapro MT RT03 W S C ourser MXT afari TSR rabber AT2 ourser CXT • lce Traction 119.95 $ sTuDDable TiRes rangler Duratec U and ice icy roads • Mud and snow rated ltra Grip Winter power on snow superior handling on • Pinned for studs • Pinned for studs • Confident stopping 175/65R15 • Excellent grip and • Severe Snow Performance • M+S rated for mud and • Hign performance winter tire • Designed to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride water and slush Blizzak W • Directional, computer-modeled tread design helps to deliver confident snow, wet and ice traction • High traction tread sTuDless S80 W 320 interforce2 ourser MSR • Entirely new studdable tire delivering advanced snow & ice performance. sTuDDable ild Trail CTX • Quiet Ride • Long Lasting Tread • Confident Handling • Even wear driving conditions starting at 118 $ Wheel aliGnMenTs starting at 69 $ 95 .95 RebaTes On all GOODyeaR TiRes TRansMissiOn seRViCe baTTeRy & alTeRnaTOR CheCK FAST: EASY Approval in a Snap! NO CREDIT NEEDED bRaKe seRViCe fRee 4 Wheel Alignment SNAP FINANCE On sale now On sale now $ sTRuTs & shOCKs On MuffleRs sale starting at 13900 Job Checking Account Open up a charge account, six months no interest! APPROVED ALL GOODYEAR TIRES ON SALE! D t. N s $ E 1 S 3 E T ER A B MB E R CE $ DE + 100 100 * 209 $ Mail in RebaTe * 200 TOTal RebaTes Lisac’s Tire 836 $ 100 $ 736 $ 100 $ - RebaTe WiTh use GOODyeaR CReDiT CaRD $ American Car Care Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac lT235/75R15 - YOUR FINAL PRICE SET OF 4 eaCh SET OF 4 * Mail- In Rebate Your Price SET OF 4 * Rebate with Goodyear Credit Card 636 $ *Get a Goodyear Prepaid Mastercard by online or mail-in rebate submission with the purchase of a set of 4 select Goodyear, Dunlop or Kelly tires on a Goodyear credit card between October 1 and December 31, 2018. Lisac’s Tire Of Anaconda Montana Muffler AND SUPPLY 3600 Harrison • Butte 494-4450 2109 Yale • Butte 782-4294 1100 W Park Ave • Anaconda 563-6110 441 S Montana St. • Butte 782-9108

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