Details for Cost Plus - Ad from 2019-08-18

The Rudolph Family 100 AnniversAry event! th It All Started In 1919 By Kalman Rudolph And Now Evolved To Cost Plus Mattress And Reclining Center. Due To Health Issues We Were Forced To Close Rudolphs Furniture. Now Taking Life A Little Easier With Cost Plus Mattress & Reclining Center With Extremely Low Overhead Therefore Prices Are At The Bare Bones On Ashley, Stanton, Flexsteel, Beautyrest And Soon Southern Motion. Nobody Beats Our Prices! Nobody!!! Special puRchaSe QueeN MaTTReSS aNd poWeR baSe boTh FoR aS loW aS 14” plush Top 13” hybrid Mattress plush Top 499 $ 349 MATTRESS TTRESS HURRY! LIMITED TIME ONLY! Y! LIMITED EDITION PLuSH $469 199 $ Queen Price Twin Full $ 149 $179 319 $ Queen Price MT. DANA PLuSH $539 469 $ PLush Queen PLush Queen Twin $ 329 Twin Full $ 249 $279 BeautyRest Top of the Line Platinum Hybrid Ultimate Plush Queen Mattress MSRP $4,079 $ Queen Price Full King $ 399 $569 MT. ROgERS FIRM 539 $ MANHATTAN DESIgN PLuSH PILLOWTOP Queen Price Copper infused Memory foam King $659 BeautyRest Top of the Line Platinum Hybrid Luxury Firm Queen Mattress MSRP $4,309 1,299 1,499 $ closeout New Lower Price 399 450 Queen $ Mattress Only King $ Comparable Mattress Mattress Anywhere Else $599 Very Limited Quantity Left. $ TRUCKLOAD AD CHIME 8” Limited Quantity Floor Model closeout 749 $ Queen Price PLush PiLLOWtOP Queen King $899 w/Latex Foam Queen Nobody beaTS ouR SelecTioN oR pRiceS FoR coMpaRable pRoducTS! Nobody!!! NO iNterest if Paid iN fuLL iN 12 MONths OaC. BeautyRest Platinum Top of the Line Plush Hybrid MSRP $2,969 Queen Mattress. 999 $ closeout - Floor Model 8 power base Models to choose from Starting at $ 389 Queen Size up To 60 MoNThS iNTeReST FRee oNly oN beauTyReST black oR Take huge diScouNT!!! aShley aShley SoFa aNd loveSeaT chaRcoal, eaRTh aNd chocolaTe gRay polyeSTeR SecTioNal 799 $ poWeR RecliNiNg SoFa W/poWeR headReST. leaTheR bRoWN oR gRey choice oF 3 coloRS 1,149 $ TheaTeR lookiNg poWeR RecliNiNg SoFa W/poWeR headReST poWeR RecliNiNg SecTioNal 1,899 $ poWeR RecliNeR choice oF 2 coloRS (SaW ThiS aT a box SToRe FoR $2,199) NoW poWeR RecliNeR WiTh poWeR headReST, luMbaR aNd exTeNded FooT ReST choice 2 coloRS 1,249 $ 1,149 $ 699 $ Special puRchaSe RockeR RecliNeRS 3 coloRS While They laST 269 $ $ 349

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