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2019 Celebration of Excellence A Celebration of Excellence recognizes exceptional students who have demonstrated their efforts in the classroom, school, and community, day after day, year after year. Distinguished Scholars were selected on the basis of grade point average; honors and advanced placement courses; school activities; and community service. Each student selected an educator to recognize who had a significant, positive impact on his or her life and wrote a short message about why that educator was selected. The Butte Education Foundation salutes these fine educators and thanks them for sharing their talents,knowledge, creativity, and love of learning with our youth. They make a difference in our schools and community, one student and one class at a time. Distinguished Student: Clint Connors Parents: Ted & Julie Connors Honored Educator: Mr. Scott Cooney Butte High School I had what you could call a love-hate relationship with Mr. Cooney.The hate came from his assignments, and let’s just say that his reputation preceded him. Drawing and coloring pictures in your notes is not fun. However, the love came with the class overall. Mr. Cooney was not interested in making us answer book or grammar questions, but letting us dig deep into the text and connect it to our lives. He taught us to truly ponder the world around us and how everything we do affects our society. Not to mention he also offered tips in areas outside of the classroom, from the ACT, to job applications, to basketball when we attempted to throw paper into hoops for extra credit. Mr. Cooney’s class has been the most enlightening, helpful English course I’ve ever taken. For the record, though, I did not make colored notes in this speech. Sorry, Mr. Cooney. Distinguished Student: Kendall Storer Parents: Robert & Tabatha Hyatt Honored Educator: Ms. Joana Benach Butte High School Although Mrs. Benach would claim the positive energy coming from her classroom is because of her Himalayan salt rocks, everyone knows it’s actually her. Mrs. Benach is one of the sweetest and most helpful teachers I’ve ever had. She is unbelievably kind and she is patient enough to put up with our constant questions. She turns her classroom into a positive learning environment that makes students want to come to class and learn. Our days in Spanish may sometimes be filled with tears over verbs or presentations, but they are also filled with laughter and joy. She has given me the skills to learn a language, but she has also given me happiness for the last two years. Gracias, Señora Benach! Distinguished Student: Leif Clark Parents: Kevin & Jeanette Clark Honored Educator: Mr. Roger McCullough Butte High School My main association with Mr. McCullough has been thorough competitive speaking. Mr. McCullough is an educator who places sincere interest in the pedagogy of rhetoric, critical thinking, and communication. Just as the most important skills are learned off of the court, the impact that Mr. McCullough has had on my educational career has not been solely through my competitive speaking endeavors. Over the last five years, I have personally witnessed Mr. McCullough lead the Butte High School Speech and Debate Team with standards of integrity, humility, and enthusiasm which distinguish him from his colleagues across the state. His demonstration of inverted pyramidal leadership in action has informed me of what it really means to be a leader. Distinguished Student: Taylor Huff Parents: Pat Huff & Kristen Hill-Huff Honored Educator: Mr. Travis Johnson Butte High School/ Kennedy Elementary Quick as lightning and at great height? Most of us would definitely rule out Mr. Johnson, but I can stand against that opinion. I witnessed his lightning quick speed as he tried for a ball I hit over the fence. Although he didn’t catch it, his speed definitely wasn’t stopping him from hitting the fence and flopping over. As for his great height, this attribute comes from his character. Mr. Johnson is a caring person to so many. He gives his all to helping those who struggle around him and is completely trustworthy. Mr. Johnson is a genuine person who helps others get to the place they want to be. His selflessness to me is a very admirable trait. I could go on about Mr. Johnson and so could many others, but it still wouldn’t be enough. Mr. Johnson is a great person to say the least. Thanks to our Sponsor!

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