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2019 Celebration of Excellence A Celebration of Excellence recognizes exceptional students who have demonstrated their efforts in the classroom, school, and community, day after day, year after year. Distinguished Scholars were selected on the basis of grade point average; honors and advanced placement courses; school activities; and community service. Each student selected an educator to recognize who had a significant, positive impact on his or her life and wrote a short message about why that educator was selected. The Butte Education Foundation salutes these fine educators and thanks them for sharing their talents, knowledge, creativity, and love of learning with our youth.They make a difference in our schools and community, one student and one class at a time. Distinguished Student: Connor Heggem Parents: David & Rafael Heggem Honored Educator: Mr. Chris Fisk Butte High School Mr. Fisk, thank you for all you have done for me throughout the years.Through the Montana History Club, you taught me the importance of volunteering in my community, showing me that it is great to get involved and really be a part of things. I have learned so much about Butte and the history that makes the people who live here who they are, while making new acquaintances as well as life-long memories. Sometimes, the greatest lessons are taught outside the classroom. One lesson I learned is to keep going until the end,“failure is not an option”.You have always been supportive of me in all my endeavors, year after year. Having you as a teacher and advisor has truly been an honor. Distinguished Student: Marlene Zhou Parents: Xiaobing Zhou Honored Educator: Ms. Katie Merrifield Hillcrest Elementary Katie Merrifield, I want you to know you have done more for me than you could know.You fostered not only my love for reading but for traveling to other universes escaping from reality in the best way possible.Thank you for always recommending me the biggest books.They always kept challenging me to be the best version of myself.The version who got lost in these other worlds.Thank you for always having a space for me that I could feel safe in; a space I adored. And most of all, thank you for giving me my first B. Because, even though I cried a lot at first, it taught me perfection isn’t the only thing in life I should strive for. And I ended up pretty okay. Distinguished Student: Heidi Steiger Parents: Todd Steiger & Suzzann Nordwick Honored Educator: Ms. Kristina Mengon Butte High School A good teacher cares more about the product of teaching than about the act of teaching.A good teacher cares more about if a student learns than if student sits still.Ms.Mengon is a very good teacher. When she was my geometry teacher freshman year, Ms.Mengon would let me fold origami in class.This allowed me to explore my passion and learn her subject at the same time.I tried to fold her a new thing every day,each time applying whatever the day’s lesson was.During her lectures,I would stare at my origami paper.She didn’t care that I wasn’t looking at her.She knew I was still listening.During MAPs testing many students would just guess; however,I would always try to solve every problem,even if I had no idea where to start.When the test was finished,I asked Ms.Mengon about all the things on the test that I didn’t know.She would give me a straight answer,while other teachers would deflect and say,“You’ll learn that later.” Even as I continued through my high school career,I would go to Ms.Mengon with my individual projects and she was always supportive.If she knew she would answer,if not,she would refer me to materials that contained the answer.A teacher inside and outside the classroom,she encourages her students to have a love of geometry.Maybe I’m just biased.Maybe I just love geometry.But I truly admire Ms.Mengon’s teaching style. Distinguished Student: Devin Amtmann Parents: John & Kelly Amtmann Honored Educator: Mr. Pat Kissell Principal, West Elementary Throughout my elementary school career, Mr. Kissel had a large impact on my life. Despite a few trips to the infamous “blue room” for my “bad behavior,” Mr. Kissel always believed in my abilities to do whatever I set my mind to. His kind and humorous nature actually made me want to get up and go to school, which is pretty impressive if you think about it (especially if you knew me in elementary school). Although I don’t see Mr. Kissel very often anymore, our relationship is still strong and I know he is always there to lend a helping hand.Thank you for everything, Mr. Kissel. Thanks to our Sponsor!

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