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2019 Celebration of Excellence A Celebration of Excellence recognizes exceptional students who have demonstrated their efforts in the classroom, school, and community, day after day, year after year. Distinguished Scholars were selected on the basis of grade point average; honors and advanced placement courses; school activities; and community service. Distinguished Achievers were nominated based on excellence in a specific curricular area, overcoming personal and academic obstacles, or exemplary service. Each student selected an educator to recognize who had a significant, positive impact on his or her life and wrote a short message about why that educator was selected. The Butte Education Foundation salutes these fine educators and thanks them for sharing their talents, knowledge, creativity, and love of learning with our youth. They make a difference in our schools and community, one student and one class at a time. Distinguished Student: Brynlee Nielsen Parents: Tom & Lissa Nielsen Honored Educator: Mr. Lloyd Magnuson Retired, East Middle School Distinguished Student: Clayton Heggem Parents: David & Rafael Heggem Honored Educator: Mr. Mike Kujawa Butte High School My late elementary school years, I knew you as the “Earth Shuttle Guy”. I didn’t know what you taught, but I did know about the fun trip you took 8th graders on and I couldn’t wait until I got to middle school so I could sign up. Before stepping into your 8th grade science class, I always heard stories from my friends and peers about how they had a close, friendly relationship with their teacher feeling like they were best friends. I’ve never really had that connection with a teacher before, and then four years ago you came into our lives and changed them forever. Not only did I learn science from you, but also how to be a good human being.There are too many things you’ve opened my mind to, but the one thing that has always stayed me was a quote you wrote in my Earth Shuttle Journal. It was “I am only one person, but I can be one person who makes a difference.”Through that and your teachings, you have given me the confidence to pursue my dream to become a doctor.Thank you for all you do.Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, good night. Until we meet again. Mr. Kujawa, thank you for being so supportive of my artwork. I would not be where I am today, and I would not be a part of this great art community in our town, without it. In your classroom, you introduced me to ceramics, which has become my favorite medium for creating my sculptures. Outside the classroom, you introduced me to people who share my interests and to community involvement with Empty Bowls and the I.B.R.C. Thank you for spending time after school for art club, and for taking us on Art Trek. It has given me so many great memories and experiences. Over these past four years, I have gained a love and appreciation for the arts I never would have without your guidance and support. Distinguished Student: Taylor Andrews Parents: Curtis & Laurie Andrews Honored Educator: Ms. Andrea Birk Hillcrest Elementary Distinguished Student: Xavier Black Parents: Bryant Black & Joana Benach Honored Educator: Ms. Tami Kissell Butte High School My time as a Hillcrest Hornet was some of the most memorable years of my life thanks to Ms. Birk. She is definitely the best guidance counselor Hillcrest has ever had. She always encouraged me to be involved with the school, which sparked a joy in me to love being active in my community. Ms. Birk could see that my friends and I wanted to do more for the school, so she would always have special projects that could make us feel like we were making a difference. She was always able to create a safe environment for any student that needed to talk to her.Thank you so much Ms. Birk for making such a positive impact on my childhood. I have known Mrs. Kissell for my four years at Butte High School and first met her when I joined the Excel Club. My first impression of her was that she loved her job and helping people succeed. Mrs. Kissell is enthusiastic and supports her students in whatever they pursue. My favorite part about her is she tells you how it is with as little sugarcoating as possible. She is honest, and it lets you know her words and actions are genuine. Experiencing her joy and enthusiasm for what she does inspired to strive for that same joy and enthusiasm in whatever I decide to pursue in life. I only hope I can make such a difference in as many people’s lives as Mrs. Kissell. Thanks to our Sponsor!

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