Details for BIG SKY RV INC - Ad from 2018-09-13

Factory Liquidation and Closeout Sale ‘18 Jayco 264 BHW Jay Flight SLX Retail: $24,080 ‘19 Jayco 26 RLX Eagle HTX Retail: $53,197 P=*E9 (EB!VO C7AW#@7;* I@@=?VEA S!9# :EYE 4E-WE%*H 9@9EV (@!V LEVV $ SEVV;K S!9# *A-V@;*+ 7A+*=C*VVO EA+ P@@+O*E= 9!=*;F 2?*-!EV RE-@9=O N!>7!+E9!@A ;EV* ?=!-*& P=*E9 C7AW#@7;* I@@=?VEA S!9# B@+*=A #EV(G9@A 9@S =E9!A% @( P0/3 XXX' VC;F , @9#*= I@@=?VEA; E6E!VECV* Only $16,995! ‘18 Jayco 29 BHDB Jay Flight sale price: $27,995 liquidation ‘18 Starcraft 19 MBS Launch sale price: $19,995 Retail: $38,654 :E9# EA+ E #EV( C7AW#@7;* S!9# VE=%* ;#@S*= EA+ V@9; @( ;V**?!A% ;?E-*F 5?9!@A; !AV7+*H E7B!A7B =!B;H 'GSEO ?@S*= =*B@9*H 9@9EV (@!V S!9# *A-V@;*+ 7A+*=C*VVOH *V!9* ?E-WE%*H E79@ V*6V!A% ;O;9*B EA+ , O*E= @( MRP SE==EA9OF $33,495 Retail: $28,722 P0/3 @( @AVO ',DD VC;H 9#!; "(9 S!+* JC*=%VE;; 11 (*E97=*; E =*E= CE9#H (=@A9 B7=?#*O C*+ EA+ VE=%* ;9@=E%* -@B?E=9B*A9F 5?9!@A; !A-V7+* TQ9=*B* 4W% S!9# *Q9=E %=@7A+ -V*E=A-* U 4=*B!7B 0EV7* 4W%F 406.587.0039 - 800.877.9606 8466 Huffine Lane - Bozeman, MT ‘18 Starcraft 296 BHS Telluride Retail: $50,312 P=*E9 C7AW#@7;* I@@=?VEA (*E97=!A% 6E-77B C@A+*+ ;!+* SEVV;H (=EB*V*;; S!A+@S;H ;@V!+ ;7=(E-* -@79A*=9@?;F M7;9 ;** !A9*=!@= (@= =*;!+*A9!EV V!6!A%F sale price $32,521! ‘18 Starcraft 230 MLD GPS Retail: $113,775 N7Q7=O 9@O #E7V*= S!9# , (7VV CE9#=@@B;H .) (@@9 %E=E%*H =*E= ?E=9O +*-WH *Q9=*B* S*E9#*= ?E-WE%*H 9#=** ;*E;@A %E=E%* SEVVH <8 !A -E=%@ E=*EH @A C@E=+ %*A*=E9@=H

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