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Atlantic Richfield: People at Work for Montana Lindy Hanson, Deputy Operations Manager, Atlantic Richfield CONGRATULATIONS MONTANA TECH SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS “The use of native plants in the restoration of areas impacted by mining and other industrial activities will not only reduce the cost of restoration through their ability to survive harsh local conditions, but by protecting the culture and history of an ecosystem and thereby achieving one of the goals of restoration.” Augustina Kwesie Osabutey – Biodiversity “I am passionate about the idea that ‘nature knows best’ and take cues from the wisdom of nature whenever possible. Native plants thrive in their locales for a myriad of reasons, so it makes sense to use them as the primary choice, both for beauty and functionality, when restoring degredated landscapes.” Carly Peach – Restoration “Conservation is an essential part of many industries, and ensuring the health and safety of those undergoing conservation projects is crucial. I hope through my studies I can contribute to these efforts and ensure the safety of all those undertaking them.” Griff Warner – Industrial Hygiene/ Health Safety, Security and Environment )!("%!*1 +*1-.*/(0 '$&#"%, awarding $1,500 scholarships to three We are pleased to begin our new year by essays on three conservation topics. Montana Tech students who wrote winning CONGRATULATIONS TO: y Augustina Kwesie Osabutey – Biodiversit Carly Peach – Restoration Safety, Security and Environment Griff Warner – Industrial Hygiene/Health working with Montana Tech over the All of us at Atlantic Richfield have enjoyed knowledge with students. Now we have years to share our engineering and science a chance to learn from them as well. na, Carly and Griff! g t future accomplishments from Augusti We exppect grea Lindy

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