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Don’t riSK YoUr LiFe
or tHe LiFe oF
Someone eLSe.
if you plan on drinking, plan ahead
and choose a designated driver or
call a taxi service for a ride home.

• Each year in Montana more than 100
people are killed in crashes involving
an impaired driver, and over 350 are
seriously injured
• About one-third of all drivers
arrested or convicted of drunk
driving are repeat offenders
• Every 2 minutes a person is injured
in a drunk driving crash-or every day
in America 27 people die as a result
of drunk driving crashes
• On an average 2 out of 3 people will
be involved in a drunk driving crash
in their lifetime
• The rate of drunk driving is highest
among 26-29 year olds
• Each year in Montana over 5,000
people lose their driving privileges
for driving impaired
• A DUI can cost you up to $10,000

Don't Drive
montana has one of the
highest fatality rates in the
nation for number of deaths
caused by impaired drivers
per vehicle mile traveled.

1. tHinK BeFore YoU DrinK

This pain and heartbreak could have been

2. pLan aHeaD

If you intend to drink - plan ahead. It’s
that easy and could save a life: yours or
someone else’s.

3. proteCt YoUr FrienDS

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

Dr. Curtis Andrews
Stay alive.
Don’t Drink & Drive
400 S. Clark St., Butte, MT 59701


Be Safe thiS

New Year eve !

& En

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Accepting New Patients
No Referral Necessary
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