Details for Lee Group / Political - Ad from 2020-10-18

W H E N I T C O M E S TO O U R P U B L I C L A N D S , M O N TA N A N S H AV E A CLEAR CHOICE IN THE RACE FOR U.S. SENATE GOVERNOR STEVE BULLOCK SENATOR STEVE DAINES A public lands champion who’ll Out for big corporations and out-of- never put our lands at risk state developers, not Montanans Fought against out of state Sponsored a bill to strip interests when they tried to wilderness protections from overturn Montana’s Stream hundreds of thousands of acres of Access Law public lands Fought efforts to block access Voted to risk the sale of to Montana’s public lands and Montana’s public lands to out-of- vetoed bills that threatened state landowners and developers Montana’s public lands Supported “sworn enemy to public Fought to remove William Perry lands” and advocate for selling Pendley – the nation’s public lands William Perry Pendley to lands head who supports selling be in charge of Montana’s public off our lands – from office lands Created the Fire Suppression Taken more than $800,000 from Fund to ensure Montana has the billionaire Wilks brothers and adequate resources to address out-of-state real estate developers our growing fire seasons who want to block access to our public lands ON STEVE BULLOCK’S WATCH OUR PUBLIC LANDS WILL ALWAYS BE PROTECTED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO ENJOY VOTE FOR STEVE BULLOCK FOR U.S. SENATE BY NOVEMBER 3RD STEVEBULLOCK.COM P A I D F O R B Y M O N T A N A N S F O R B U L L O C K

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