Details for Lee Group / Political - Ad from 2020-10-16

DON’T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN’T KEEP WRONG FOR MONTANA FILES LAWSUIT TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE CITIZENS OF MONTANA. New Approach Montana (NAM) is very transparent when making “promises” about the anticipated revenue generation from the sale of legalized marijuana as proposed on ballot initiatives I-190 and CI-118. According to their website “The revenue will be used to fund services to Montana veterans and surviving spouses and dependents; programs to increase access to public lands and provide improvements for parks and trails; state grants for substance abuse treatment and prevention; and community and home health care services for elderly and disabled Montanans. A portion of the revenue will also be allocated to local governments that allow marijuana sales.” There is just one problem with their promise – they don’t have the legal authority to make it! Revenue allocation falls under the authority of Montana’s legislators. Wrong for Montana (WFM) believes in doing things right and protecting the citizens of Montana. That is why WFM has prepared to file a lawsuit requesting the Montana Supreme Court to remove I-190 and CI-118 from the November 3, 2020 ballot. According to MT Constitution Article 3 Section 4, NAM cannot allocate revenue. These allocation promises are an attempt to garner support from special interest groups who sadly are being coerced with sugarcoated lies. A group that hides information, tells lies and clearly doesn’t understand how state government works, is pushing an agenda with an ulterior motive – greed. The prime purpose behind efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in our state is to make money for the big corporations who will eliminate small business dispensaries and lure tourists to our State for the sole purpose of purchasing pot and getting high. You have the power to keep us Pristine, Healthy and a Productive Montana…the Treasure State! Support the efforts of Wrong for Montana and Vote “NO” on I-190 and CI-118 on November 3rd. LEARN MORE AT WRONGFORMONTANA.COM Paid for by Wrong for Montana, Stephen A. Zabawa, Treasurer | PO Box 20515 Billings, MT 59104

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