Details for Lee Group / Political - Ad from 2020-10-16

OUT OF STATE DARK MONEY SOURCE UNDER STATE INVESTIGATION There are ALWAYS Strings Attached. Like Dorothy discovered about the “Wizard” when she reached Oz – it was all smoke and mirrors hijinks going on behind a Dark Curtain. All the “Wizard” was doing was pulling the strings. • Wrong for Montana (WFM) has taken action to pull back the curtain that cloaks the North Fund “Wizard” by filing a Campaign and Practices Complaint with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices. It is time they disclose donors and money sources instead of keeping us in the dark. • North Fund’s PUPPETS continue to push the agenda of this out-of-state Dark Money Group with no regard for what’s best for the citizens of Montana. Every citizen of Montana will suffer the pitfalls that come with a legalized recreational marijuana industry. The Voters of Montana are the ones who truly hold the strings to the future of our State. Paid for by Wrong for Montana, Stephen A. Zabawa, Treasurer PO Box 20515 Billings, MT 59104 VOTE NO ON I-190 & CI-118 MILLIONS OF OUT OF STATE DOLLARS GIVEN TO CAMPAIGN TO LEGALIZE RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA IN MONTANA IN QUESTION! Out of State Players Funding the Pro-Legalization Effort in Montana Exposed! LEARN MORE AT WRONGFORMONTANA.COM

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