Details for Lee Group / Political - Ad from 2020-09-27

PROTECT MONTANA! VOTE NO ON I-190 & CI-118 THE MOVE TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IS A MOVE TO COMMERCIALIZE MARIJUANA FOR PROFIT. IT IS TODAY’S VERSION OF BIG TOBACCO AND SHOULD BE DISCOURAGED. JOIN US IN EDUCATING OUR COMMUNITY ABOUT MARIJUANA & HELP EQUIP THEM TO DEVELOP SMART PUBLIC POLICIES SURROUNDING THE DRUG’S USE. • Legalization is about filling the pockets of big marijuana – today’s version of big tobacco. Big tobacco is already investing in the marijuana industry. • We are moving way too fast to legalize in this country without considering the costs of such a policy. The only people who benefit from a rush to legalize are a small number of investors. • The marijuana industry is seeing increased investment from existing giants of addiction. Altria, the parent company of Phillip Morris, recently invested more than $2 billion into the industry and has secured a minority ownership into Juul – the vaping giant – in a move to cement future stakes in the industry. • We do not need to legalize in order to reform the criminal justice system. We can remove criminal penalties, expunge records, and offer justice without commercializing today’s highly pure THC pot products. • Even as marijuana markets grow, research shows tax revenue quickly tapers off (Pew Trusts, 2019). • Marijuana legalization is not the tax revenue boon proponents claim it to be. Colorado still faces considerable issues with education systems being drastically underfunded and states with legal marijuana markets face a combined budget deficit this year of $71 billion. GET INVOLVED & TAKE ACTION! LEARN MORE AT WRONGFORMONTANA.COM Paid for by Wrong for Montana, Stephen A. Zabawa, Treasurer | PO Box 20515 Billings, MT 59104

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