Below are some historical "gems" about the Mining City and southwest Montana, which will be occasionally

featured in the Big Sky section.

n What ran for the last time on

Sept. 22, 1937?

On Sept. 22, 1937, Butte said goodbye to its streetcar system.

n What tumbled to the ground on Sept. 15, 1973?

The 140-foot head frame of the Leonard Mine was brought down on

Sept. 15, 1973.

n Why was Sept. 3, 1973, a mournful day in Butte?

Sept. 3, 1973, was the last day the Columbia Gardens was opened.

n For decades, Butte High seniors set aside one day for fun and frolic and called it Bohunkus Day. The seniors would dress in funny costumes, put on sketches, and parade through uptown Butte. However, in 1910 and a few years after that, it was called something else. What was it?

In 1910, five Butte High seniors, Dick Albright, Charley Brazier, George Bourquin, Manten White and Wallace Wolfe, created a special day for seniors and dubbed it "Loud Socks Day."

n When was the last Bohunkus Day

celebrated at Butte High School?

Seniors last celebrated Bohunkus Day on April 20, 1951.

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