Why should Bundy get free ride for his cattle?

Will someone please ask Cliven Bundy why he thinks his cattle should eat free public grass? Maybe it is because he's gotten away with it for 20 years?

Whether the feds or state officials manage the land for the rest of us, why should the Bundys get a free ride for their cattle? It is not their land; it is our land and the public is entitled to fees, Mr. Freeloader.

Will someone please stand up and stop the old fart from using the U.S. flag to justify his theft of public property? The U.S. attorney in Nevada is incompetent, so the judge did the correct thing by dismissing the current prosecution; however, the Bundys' theft of grazing rights was not vindicated in any way.

The Bundys have as much right to let their cattle graze free on public lands as I do to harvest trees in the Bitterroot National Forest wherever I choose. Let's get our chainsaws and head out.

The Bundys are thieves whom the feds finally did something about, then prosecutors totally failed at their job. Now the Bundys are travelling around the country crowing about states' rights. How comical.

— Thomas Bulman, Missoula