When will nation discuss gun control?

After the last two mass shootings, gun nuts scrambled to purchase more rapid-fire automatic weapons.

Then the announcements from the highest official in the land came that now was not the time to discuss gun control. Well, when will it be?

More guns won't make anyone safe; on the contrary — when everyone has a gun no one will be safe, and Republican politicians shake in their boots at any suggestion they stand up to the National Rifle Association and say there are enough guns around.

This nation has become an armed camp in which a daily dose of shooting and killing is normal.

When will the American people come to realized that they've been had? They are not even safe in their churches, nor safe in their homes behind locked doors where, believe it or not, most murders happen when martial bliss comes unglued.

Fifty years ago, in Truckee, California, I was appalled to see an NRA bumper sticker proudly declaring: “I'll give up my gun when they pry my cold-dead fingers from around my gun.”

Remember their other equally disgusting sticker: “Gun don't kill, people kill!”

-- Leonard Stastny, Missoula


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