Trump knows how many geniuses?

Afterthoughts from "Fire and Fury":

Sure, there's now growing concern that a semi-literate, childish man is unfit to serve as president of the United States of America.

But how about the White House functionaries who are unfit to represent the Office of the President? Functionaries who daily decide to deliberately misrepresent our president.

Speaking of misrepresent, it's time we take our president at his word. He has now described himself as a “very stable genius.” Therefore, we can now ask ourselves how many "stable geniuses" does he know — in the White House, Congress, media and private life.

That seems like an important question, considering the ratio of the time he spends protecting himself and the time he spends protecting American law and order, peace and justice, public health, fair elections, clean air and water.

How many "stable geniuses" does he know?

— Bob Williams, Stevensville